Explorer Adrian Hayes quits expedition and helps earthquake-hit Nepalese communities

Adrian Hayes
Adrian Hayes

Explorer Adrian Hayes is quitting his dream of climbing Everest and instead will help villages ravaged by the Nepal earthquake.

Adrian was 18km from Everest Base Camp when the quake struck on Saturday killing at least 7,000 people as it tore through communities.

The adventurer will now trek to the remote, high altitude settlements of Central and Eastern Nepal to provide assistance to the areas that have no road access or any communications.

Adrian Hayes
Adrian Hayes

Adrian said in a blog post he sent from ABC camp that he’ll pass on information to rescue teams about the supplies needed in damaged regions.

He said: ‘These remote areas are many days trek from a road and with relief agencies pre-occupied with the most severely hit areas of Kathmandu and Langtang, they are almost certainly devoid of attention.

‘My aim will be to compile reports on any damage or needs of every village visited and send these to the Gurkha Welfare Trust and Kadoorie Foundation. I’ll allow villagers to contact missing loved ones in the rest of Nepal on my satellite system, treat any minor ailments or injuries and call in rescue for any serious cases.’

Nepal is a country dear to Hayes’ heart. He spent eight years as a Gurkha officer, he speaks Nepalese and knows the country intimately from serving there on welfare treks and recruit selection, and numerous mountaineering expeditions.

Hayes has climbed both Everest and K2, with Makalu and Lhotse, the fifth and fourth highest mountains in the world respectively his latest challenge.

Hayes is aware that every aid worker coming to the region adds further strain on already overtaxed infrastructure.

He has described how he is trying to make the biggest difference with the least impact.

‘I will be travelling extremely light – with one backpack and one porter with a holdall, a tent and sleeping bag, one change of clothes and a lot of expedition food in areas that no-one visits. And I do not need a shower,’ he added.

He urges anyone wanting to help to make a donation to the Gurkha Welfare Trust who will provide tangible relief to families in the hills of Nepal and affected areas.

Donations can be made here: https://www.gwt.org.uk/donate/earthquake

Adrian has sporadic communications. If you would like to contact him, please email Adrian@adrianhayes.com with your number and he will get in touch when he can. Visit adrianhayes.com for images or to find out more about him.


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