Experts Name 2017’s Top Home Cinema Systems


Home cinThe world of home cinema design has come a long way in the last couple of years, catapulted by the growth of smart home technology, and by the innovations made by world class brands like Sonos, Panasonic, and countless others.

Yet with so much to choose from, deciding on the right home entertainment technology isn’t always easy.

That’s why Pro Install AV, the leading home cinema design specialists in London, recently tasked their experts with selecting this year’s very best home cinema systems.

Their selections include both household names and designer brands, creating a varied list of entertainment options perfectly suited to both an array of different sized homes, as well as the diverse lifestyles of today’s modern homeowners.

Below, you’ll find the products Pro Install AV named as 2017’s top home cinema systems, along with their comments on why each particular model was chosen.

Control4 Home Theatre

Here’s a question any homeowner should ask before deciding on their next home cinema package:

Do you opt for a pre-built, all-in-one system that may be a little easier to install but offers little freedom to create a truly personal entertainment experience? Or do you go all out with bespoke home cinema design and installation that really delivers everything you could ever ask for and more?

If it’s the latter, you can’t do much better than Control4, whose pioneering range of products (including high performance amplifiers and speakers, matrix switches, and smart home controllers) are compatible with some of the world’s biggest home cinema technology brands.

For the ultimate entertainment experience, Pro Install AV recommend combining your Control4 audio solution with a state-of-the-art video server from Kaleidescape, and a premium projector from JVC as part of your bespoke home cinema installation.

Arcam Solo Movie 2.1

From bespoke to pre-built next, as we look at easily the best all-in-one AV system on the market.

Highly acclaimed as one of the world’s top home cinema set-ups by industry authority What HiFi, Arcam’s Solo Movie 2.1 makes it easy to enjoy bold, beautiful sound from both your stereo and cinema system, all from a single box.

Sonos Home Cinema Playbar and Sub

You can always rely on Sonos to do something truly special, and with their Home Cinema Playbar and Sub, the world renowned brand certainly haven’t let us down.

Not only do their beautifully designed products perfectly complement any contemporary home cinema design, they also deliver the kind of multiplex-quality audio that makes you feel as though you’re really there at the heart of the action.

Samsung Blu-ray Home Entertainment System

The pinnacle of Samsung’s 4K home entertainment offering, the HT-F9750W 7.1 3D truly is magnificent.

Not only does the hardware look impressive, it delivers audio visual quality that is rivalled only by those featured on this list.

A complete starter package, this should be a top contender for anyone picking their next home cinema set-up.

Sonos Playbase

Just when you thought Sonos couldn’t get any better, here they are with Playbase.

An alternative to Playbar for more intimate environments, this stunning quality solution should be a top choice for anyone looking to add home cinema features to their existing TV room or lounge area.


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