Everyday challenges in business made simple through the use of technology

business stress
Running a business can be stressful Photo credit: Alan Cleaver / Foter / CC BY

Managing your very own business can be a stressful way to earn a living. With business comes a slew of challenges that you have to tackle with your head held high. Instead of stressing out yourself with the everyday challenges that you face in the workplace, you can always try and rely on the genius of technology to make everything easier leading to a noticeable boost in productivity. Here are some challenges that you can easily resolve with the help of technological tools and advancements:

Challenge: Marketing and Customer Loyalty

Business growth can happen if you make the people more informed about the product or service that you are trying to offer. If you’re starting to notice a dip in your sales, you can always market your product through social media.

business stress
Running a business can be stressful Photo credit: Alan Cleaver / Foter / CC BY


Social media lets you know the pulse of your market, giving you great insight about the want and needs of the people. You can always use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to get your products and services out there. If you want to increase customer loyalty, nothing drives users to your product quite like special promotions and loyalty programs.

Challenge: Communication

Trying to manage your whole army of employees can be tough for a business owner. Communication is important when you’re trying to get things done. As a business owner, you should be in constant communication with your employees to ensure that everything that they do is up to the right standards.

You can communicate with your personnel by using mobile phones and chat clients. Having a secured chat client in the office ensures that all conversations, including those that has sensitive data, is always kept within the confines of your office.

Challenge: Product placement

If you are trying to sell a product to your consumers, why not go straight to your audience and bring the product straight to them? Building your own store that can be easily accessed on phones and the internet is a good way to entice your customers to buy your products. The ability for your customers to shop online cuts the middleman and keeps the cash flow strictly within the business.

Get an app developer to build you a store that can be easily installed in most smartphones. Having your own dedicated store not only increases brand awareness, it also encourages your customers to view your other products that might interest them.

Challenge: Backend productivity

Instead of relying on accounting and human resources specialist, you can be your own accountant and hiring officer with the help of business software that can easily be bought in the store. Computer programs like FreshBooks and Wave Accounting can be helpful when you’re trying to do your own accounting or when you want to keep tabs on your employees’ payroll system. You can also manage your workforce through the help of software management systems that are available online.

Challenge: Lost files

These days, everything should be backed up in the cloud. There are a number of affordable cloud-based storage spaces where you can store your valuable data that are being utilized in your business. Setting up the cloud is simple and there are a number of data center hosting specialists around that can help you learn how to use the cloud in your business. Accidentally deleted files and corrupted hard drives are no longer a problem if you utilize the cloud in your business.


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