Who needs estate agents? Children use hand-drawn flyers to sell their parents’ home in an under a WEEK


A family sold their home in less than a week and saved nearly £5,000 in fees – thanks to homemade flyers made by their CHILDREN.

Dave and Liene Penny put in an offer on their dream home but were worried it would fall through while they waited to sell their own house.

But just hours after finding out their daughter Ella, eight, and Tomass, six, made 40 hand drawn leaflets – featuring a sketch of their house and a phone number for “daddy”.


Ella, eight, and Tomass, six, sold their parents' home in under a week using hand-made flyers
Ella, eight, and Tomass, six, sold their parents’ home in under a week using hand-made flyers
The £250,000 four-bed home in Taunton, Somerset
The £250,000 four-bed home in Taunton, Somerset

The savvy siblings distributed them door-to-door, handed them out at a bring-and-buy sale and put a cardboard letter box outside their house where potential buyers could leave their contact details.

Dave and Liene thought nothing more of it until four days later they were astonished to receive TWO offers for the full £250,000 asking price for their four-bed home.

A sale was agreed just SIX days after they saw their dream house and they are due to move to the other side of Taunton, Somerset, by the end of the month.

The enterprising children have saved their parents £4,500 in estate agency fees – 1.5 per cent of the sale price plus 20 per cent VAT.

Thrilled parents Dave and Liene Penny who can now move into their dream new home
Thrilled parents Dave and Liene Penny who can now move into their dream new home
The hand-drawn letter the children made
The hand-drawn flyer advertising the home
A make-shift cardboard box they placed outside the house
A make-shift cardboard box they placed outside the house

Liene, 32, who owns a translation agency, said: “We’ve been thinking of moving for a while now, possibly we thought in the next five years.

“But we saw a lovely house on New Year’s Day and we put in an offer the next day.

“It was perfect – much bigger and did not need work – but we thought, ‘right, how are we going to sell our house?’

“We were a bit apprehensive about telling the children because it is a big change, but right away they were so excited.

“Without even saying anything else within ten minutes they were gathering materials to put together the leaflets – it was wonderful to see.

“We just thought it was a great activity for them.

“The next day they took the flyers to the bring-and-buy sale and started handing them out.

“They were boldly going up and handing them to people.  Some would hand them back, but they just kept at it.”

The adorable leaflets – carefully coloured in with felt tip pens – said: “If you know anybody who who wants to buy a new house phone them up and say ’11 French Wier Avenue is for sale’.”

One of the leaflets was handed to a couple at the bring-and-buy sale who passed it to friends at church who were desperate to buy a home in the area near their daughter.

The retired couple arranged a viewing – just hours before another hopeful left his contact details in the homemade box – and fell in love with the property.

They immediately put in an offer which was accepted by Liene and Dave, 47, a financial adviser.

The new buyers, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: “Our friends were so impressed with the politeness and sweetness of the two children.

“The next day she gave us the leaflet at church and we were impressed by it too.  The rest, they say, is history.”

The mini estate agents were treated to a slap-up meal out, and are helping to pack their toys for the move.

Astonished Liene said: “We are just amazed.  We can’t believe it.

“It has just shown us that whatever you are trying to do you can achieve quite a lot if you put your mind to it.

“I think as adults were are too shy to be quite as bold – but not the children and it paid off.  We are very proud.”

Ella said: “We’re pleased. It was great when two people wanted to buy our house.”

Tomass added: “We did a lot of thinking and spent an hour making everything. I might be an estate agent one day.”

Estate agent Chris Willey, of Wilsons in Taunton praised the children’s efforts, and added: “If they want a job in the future, they should come to us.”

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