Drunkard headbutted police officer so he could stay in cell for the night


A reveller headbutted a police officer after a drunken row with his girlfriend so he would be thrown in the cells and have somewhere to sleep for the night, a court heard.

Steven Miller, 32, of Newquay, Cornwall, attacked the officer outside L2 nightclub in Truro, Cornwall, knocking him to the ground.

He was arrested and apologised to the officer concerned telling him he hadn’t meant to hurt him bit wanted somewhere to bed down.

When later questioned by officers he said: ”I didn’t do it full pelt” and admitted one count of assault at 2.45am on November 7.

Robin Smith, mitigating, told Truro Magistrates’ court that Miller had been in a drunken row with his girlfriend and had nowhere to stay.

He said: ”He struck on the ridiculous plan of getting himself arrested.

”It was not cynical or sinister intent to hurt the policeman. It was more intent to knock his cap off, which he did, although he struck his forehead. Happily no injury was caused.”


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