Drug-busting cops confronted by fierce albino python


Police raiding a drug dealer’s flat got a shock when they were confronted by an aggressive albino PYTHON.

When the coppers went to raid the apartment they were tipped off about an animal guarding the stash – most likely a fierce dog.

But they were shocked to find a three-metre snake resting on 200 grams of pure cocaine with a further 5kg of the drug found in the apartment in Rome, Italy.

Lieutenant Luca Gelormino said: “We were surprised to find 200 grams of very pure cocaine under the snake that it was jealously guarding. From our investigation we can say it had been trained to watch over the drugs.”

It’s understood the deadly reptile had been underfed to make it more aggressive in a bid to intimidate customers into paying what they owed.

To calm the hissing killer, police fed it a whole chicken before sending it to Rome zoo.

Police have charged 12 people with conspiracy to traffic cocaine and illegal possession of a protected species.


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