DriveRightData have established a new sales office in South America as part of their global expansion plan


This year, the company has embarked on a global expansion plan that has seen headquarters established in Los Angeles and South Korea. Last year the company established a base at Mira Technology Park in Nuneaton in Warwickshire, United Kingdom.

DriveRightData established a foothold in an emerging automotive e-commerce market in 2001 with a comprehensive database of wheel and tyre fitments and has rapidly expanded across Europe, the US and the Pacific.

The latest development will include a new sales office in Brazil with Anthony Seadon heading operations.

Mr Seadon’s extensive background in global sales and business development in the respective fields of technology and commerce are well aligned with DriveRightData’s e-commerce focus.

Company CMO Sacha Hold said “Anthony’s experience in management, new market entry, sales and distribution and strategic planning are the ideal attributes to oversee our company gaining a foothold in South America. His knowledge and experience in creating business alliances and partnerships in Brazil, US, and Latin America will prove invaluable in this region as we continue on our path of global expansion”.

Mr Seadon has held managing director roles since 1996, and currently heads SEADCO International Sales & Business Development and sits on the board of Information Technology and Services providers GRX Global Rewards Exchange.

DriveRightData predict high demand from emerging markets
The expansion planned by DriveRightData has had South America in its sights for some time now, with flagship products such as TyreFit, the company’s online fitment guide already seeing strong enquiry in very early days. Interest in the extensive suite of API’s available for website integration are expected to be in demand as the establishment in Brazil gains momentum.

Anthony Seadon comments, “Brazil provides a great opportunity for DriveRightData and vice versa. The country has approximately 40 million circulating automobiles consuming 38 million tyres per year. The use of tyre fitment information by the manufacturers, authorised tire dealers, hypermarkets, car dealers and e-commerce sites are limited in information provided. DriveRightData can supply organised updated wheel and tyre fitment data to suit each manufacturer, distributor, retailer, re seller and end consumer needs. Both the business and the client gain access to continually updated and accurate data”.


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