Dirty mucker: pervert who pleasured himself in manure jailed


A pervert who pleasures himself while covered in farmyard manure was today jailed after plaguing a family with his bizarre fetish for more than SEVEN years.

Weirdo David Truscott, 41, has repeatedly entered the same farm since 2004 to commit sex acts while covered in cow dung and mud.

He has masturbated in a muck spreader and once burned down an outbuilding in frustration when the farmer cleaned his equipment in a bid to deter his mucky habit.

In the latest incident police arrived at the farm in Redruth, Cornwall, to find Truscott covered in a large amount of slurry and mud, in a quagmire, surrounded by tissues.

He was jailed for two years at Truro Crown Court yesterday for breaching a restraining order banning him from entering Clive and Jacqueline Roth’s farm.

Sentencing, Judge Christopher Elwen told him he had made the home life of the Roth family ”absolute hell by your bizarre, fetishist and disgusting behaviour”.

He added: ”It is plain from victim impact statements that family members, from the oldest to the youngest, particularly the youngest, have suffered fear and frustration from what you get up to from time to time, they are constantly having to look over their shoulders.”

Jill Wilson, prosecuting, told an earlier hearing that the restraining order had been made in 2009 prohibiting Truscott from entering the farm for any reason.

She said: ”There is a history of his visiting this particular farm seeking sexual gratification while immersed in cow dung and mud.

”This is the only place he seeks to gratify himself in this particular manner. It goes back seven years.

”The family have to regularly check their livestock, outbuildings and equipment, as he has masturbated in a muck spreader and set fire to outbuildings, killing livestock in frustration when they cleaned out their farm equipment in an attempt to stop him from this lewd and obscene habit.”

Police had previously arrested Truscott, of Camborne, after he was spotted prowling round the property at 1am in shiny red shorts and latex gloves.

Truscott was caught a second time having stripped to his pants and climbed inside a muck spreader to fondle himself.

Unemployed Truscott was then discovered naked in a field amongst cow dung and mud.

In the latest incident on February 26 he was discovered naked apart from a single sock by the farmer’s 16-year-old son.

Truscott’s previous convictions include arson, burglary and harassment, and he had a caution for possession of extreme pornographic images in relation to animals.

Police have also previously found 360 pairs of women’s knickers and containers of liquid sludge and hard mud at his home.

The arson conviction was for setting fire to outbuildings and machinery on the farm, causing thousands of pounds’ damage after he failed to find slurry to pleasure himself.

Truscott was jailed for 16 weeks at Truro Crown Court in 2009 after he admitted harassment and received a further 20 week sentence in November of that year for repeating the offence.

He was jailed for three years in 2005 after admitting causing three fires at the farm which destroyed a farm and killed a cow.

Speaking in 2005 defence counsel Michael Melville-Shreeve said Truscott was a ”sad, isolated, peculiar man with peculiar habits” who ”definitely needed help”.


  1. Did an 8 year old write this? “pervert, weirdo” who cares… its not like he molested a school full of children, how does it affect your life paul, get a life, loser


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