Did the Illuminati kill man, 54, who believed he was being followed for his ‘computer projects’?


A man who used a string of fake IDs because he was convinced he was being followed by the ILLUMINATI might have been murdered, an inquest has heard.

Phillip Regan, 54, died after being hit by a train on January 24 this year – just days after he checked into a hotel under a fake name.

Officers discovered several fake IDs and £1,600 in cash scattered hear his body near Stoke-on-Trent station.

An inquest at North Staffordshire Coroners Court on Monday heard Mr Regan was “secretive” and had become increasingly “paranoid” about his safety.

His mother Peggy Regan told the hearing her son telephoned her the night before his death saying he believed someone was following him.

She said: “I last saw him on Boxing Day [2013] and spoke to him on the phone the night before he died when he said he was being followed.”

Shortly before his death, Mr Regan had began a number of “computer-related projects,” the inquest heard.

Police financial investigators failed to find any evidence of income, bank accounts, nor any information relating to the three fake identities.

The inquest heard he had no history of mental illness and last visited his doctor 27 years ago.

Recording an open conclusion, Coroner Ian Smith said: “We come across some strange stuff but this is certainly up there as one of the strangest.

“It may have been an accident.

“There may have been some unlawful activity, or he knew somebody was after him and maybe he did fear for his life. Maybe someone was hiding in the station with a gun on him.

“I’m being fanciful and almost as paranoid as he was.

“The only sensible conclusion I can come to is an open conclusion because we simply don’t know.”

Verdict: Open.


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