Did Banksy out himself in front of Prince Charles?


Speculation was growing that illusive graffiti sensation Banksy had ‘outed’ himself today after he claimed responsibility for a video showing a ‘hippy’ throwing ‘drugs’ at Prince Charles.

Did Banksy out himself in front of Prince Charles

The footage, shot as Prince Charles visited Glastonbury festival this year, shows a man – – thought to be the elusive artist – disguised as a hippy selling ‘drugs’.

The one minute and 49 second long clip shows the ‘protester’ – dressed in a long wig and pink round glasses – hoisting a wooden placard with ‘Drugs for Sale’ written on it.

Burly security guards do nothing to silence him as he waves his sign in the air and asks a bemused Prince Charles to grow hemp and ”re-hempify” the UK.

He yells: ”Charlie! Charlie! Let’s grow some hemp together. You and me could re-hempify the UK together. Let’s do it man.”

Prince Charles slows down to shake the hands of laughing spectators and takes a good look at the ‘hippy’ who is wearing a colourful shawl, headband and peace symbol necklace.

The ‘hippy’ then shouts ”Charlie, Charlie, have a little taster. Have a taster. Try that and come back to me” as Prince Charles is ushered into a grey 4×4 by stony faced guards.

He throws a small plastic packet, believed to contain hemp, at the car which bounces off the back door window.

Controversial street artist Banksy – whose art has been snapped up by celebrities including Brad Pitt – later posted the video to his YouTube channel, banksyfilm.

He also uploaded the clip, titled ‘Royal Visit, Glastonbury 2010’ to his own website – the way he validates pieces of his work.

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