Designer creates home out of a dumpster


A designer has created a home out of a DUMPSTER – complete with kitchen, toilet and shower.

Designer creates home out of a dumpster

Gregory Kloehn spent seven months converting a street skip into a permanent place to live.

He fitted a kitchen, toilet, shower, living and sleeping areas – all within the tiny confines of the typical dumpster.

The 40-year-old’s property can even host house parties – boasting a mini-bar, DJ system, outdoor barbecue grill and a roof-top deck with dance pole.

Electricity is provided by an extension cord and there is five gallon propane tank to fuel the stove and BBQ.

Water is fed to the sink, shower & garden hose via a six gallon storage system and the toilet can be hooked up to a septic tank.

At night, Gregory can switch the home into stealthy mode by lowering the roof and windows to return its look to a giant trashcan.

San Francisco-based Gregory, a descendent of Abraham Lincoln, got the inspiration while building a home out of a shipping container.

Designer creates home out of a dumpster

He said: ”I would look over the fence at a dumpster on the adjacent property.

”After some time I realised the dumpster, with its pitch roof, looked more like a home then the containers – it was just like a little metal tent.

”I knew from that moment I was going to transform a dumpster into a home.”

The interior boasts granite counter tops, a stainless steel sink and back splash, commercial stove and toaster oven, finished off with a hardwood floor.

He has insulated the walls are insulated, covered in plywood and carpeted.

Designer creates home out of a dumpster

Benches and backrest can be converted into a bed and provide ample storage.

The alternative property has been paraded around San Francisco and – after getting amazing feedback – Gregory has decided to offer people their own dumpster home – for #5,000.

He added: ”I’m extremely happy with the final result and the reaction from the public has been really positive.

”It’s funny to see the facial reactions of people who try to reconcile their notions of what a garbage can and home are

”I’ve had everything from being called a genius to being told I’ve come up with the solution to the housing crisis.”


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