Dad’s plea to litterbugs fuelling son’s cigarette butt habit


A desperate dad is begging smokers not to drop their fag butts outside his home after his son became addicted – to EATING them.

Jay Easthope, 25, suffers from pica – a rare brain disorder – which means he craves the taste of cigarette ends.

Dad Gordon, 66, regularly has to run after his son who can’t resist scoffing discarded ciggies.

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Gordon is now urging smokers not to drop their fags near his home in Whitefriars, Coventry.

He said: ”It can be incredibly dangerous for me and Jay.

”If he spots a cigarette butt in the road in the morning he’ll remember where it is in the evening.

”Even if its dark he’ll find it and he’s like a rocket. He won’t look left and right, he’ll just head straight for the road.

”He’s 14-and-a-half stone and when he wants something he’s virtually impossible to stop.”

Pica is a rare brain disorder linked to autism. Sufferers often become obsessed with strange tastes like clay, soil, chalk and even faeces.


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