Cracked antique vase sells for staggering £100,000


A rare oriental vase sold for £100,000 at auction despite the fact
that its intricate paintwork has been ruined by a huge crack.

The antique vase, which was hand-crafted in China during the reign of Emperor Kang Xi, who died in 1722, was recovered from a dilapidated building.

It was expected to fetch just £3,000 because of its poor condition but sold for £100,000 to a top London antiques dealer.

A spokeswoman for Chorley’s Auctioneers near Cheltenham, Glos.,
described the sale as a ”sensational result”.

She said: ”This lot came out of a dilapidated house and was found in the midst of piles of rubble.

”They thought it would make only £3,000 but we have had a sensational result which shows the power of the internet.”


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