Couples have sex 104 times before falling pregnant


The average couple has sex 104 times before falling pregnant, a study found yesterday.

Research revealed it takes a typical woman six months to conceive her first child, during which she has sex around four times a week.

The study also found one in ten women have been so eager to get pregnant they have called their husband home from work when they were ovulating.

Despite this, 70 per cent of those polled said they wanted their baby to be conceived during a loving and spontaneous sex session, rather than a ‘sex on demand’ approach.

The study, carried out among 3,000 mothers was commissioned by family planning brand First Response.

Yesterday Dr. Mike Smith of First Response said: ”Having sex 104 times before falling pregnant does sound rather a lot, but as they say practice makes perfect.

”However, for those not trying to conceive it’s very important to remember that many couples may also fall pregnant first time so if you are not trying for a baby please still use the necessary precautions.

”Trying for a baby is a very exciting time for a couple and many try to have sex at every opportunity in order to get pregnant.”

The study also found two thirds of women conceived much quicker than they expect to.

But while plenty of women were happy to wait for nature to take its course, others were happy to force the issue when the need arose.

In fact 10 per cent said they then jumped on their other half as soon as he walked through the door when they felt the time was right.

In order to woo their other half, a persistent one in three said they made more effort to look sexy for their man when trying for a baby.

But it’s clearly not all fun and games.

Nearly a quarter admitted sex often became ‘boring’ when trying to start a family.

One in 20 women said they were so eager to find out the happy news that they did a pregnancy test at work.

Dr. Smith added: ”It’s an extremely anxious time and many women want to find out whether they are expecting a child as soon as possible.”

Another big surprise was that as much as nearly one in 10 females told their parents before telling their partner that they were expecting a child.

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