Couple who struggled to conceive for five years celebrate birth of miracle quintuplets

Baby Violet Rose, 2lb 6oz, born first.

A couple who spent five years trying for a baby have introduced their QUINTUPLETS to the world.

Jamie Scott, 33, and husband Skyler, welcomed Violet Rose, Daisy Kate, Logan Matthew, Lincoln Alan and Lily Jane, who were all born weighing under 3lbs.

The babies, who were delivered via C-section, arrived within 90 seconds of one another with the help of 30 medics.

Jamie and Skyler, of St George, Utah, had struggled to conceive for five years before a pregnancy scan revealed that they were expecting one in 55 million chance quintuplets.

Jamie Scott when pregnant.

Skyler, a commercial appraiser, who already has two sons, said: “Within 90 seconds we had added five children to our family.

“For quints their weights were amazing and everyone was so shocked with their coloring.

“My wife has always loved gardening and so our beautiful girls all have floral names.

“It was funny because they were actually born on the first day of spring, which made it more significant.

“During the pregnancy, we were just so happy to be able to carry these babies just a day longer, just a week longer.

“Every day we were still pregnant was a blessing. They’re all doing remarkably in the NICU.

“There are a lot of blessings we get in life and this is definitely a gift from God.”

Jamie Scott with her baby scans.
Jamie Scott with her husband Skyler.

Jamie became pregnant after taking fertility medication and although thrilled to be expecting, having five babies made her pregnancy very complicated.

At 21 weeks, the membranes surrounding one of the babies ruptured but thankfully the babies were safe.

However, 5ft 4ins Jamie was placed on bedrest for eight weeks in hospital in an attempt to prolong her pregnancy and give her children the best possible chance at life.

The mom, a former nanny, ate 4,000 calories a day to make sure her quintuplets thrived but said having five babies inside her was painful and made it difficult to even breathe.

When she began having contractions at 29 weeks, the couple’s lead physician Dr John Elliott decided they could not wait any longer and performed an emergency C-section.

Jamie Scott, 33, and husband Skyler.
Jamie Scott, 33, with one of her miracle babies and Dr John Elliott.

The adorable babies were born on March 2 at Dignity Health in Arizona, US, but have only been shown to the world this week.

Jamie and Skyler said they feel extremely blessed welcome the tots into their family, which already includes sons Shayden, 12 and Landon, five.

Jamie said: “All we wanted to do was to give our boys just one more sibling, and to give them five is just incredible. After all these years of trying.

“I was unconscious during my section, but when I woke up and my husband told me they were safe, I was so happy and just relieved.

“I had been on bed rest for about eight weeks, which was so hard because I was away from my boys.

“I was so big and uncomfortable I couldn’t even breathe normally by the end.

“But during this pregnancy I really tried to learn how to live in the moment and not to stress about the future.

“It was what I had to do to get through it.

“I’ve always wanted a daughter so to have three is such a blessing.

“I’m a little scared because I don’t know anything about raising girls, but so far we’re doing okay.

“The NICU staff and the team here have been incredible – we call them our angels on earth.

“For me it’s been such a relief. I’ve lost 50lbs in about two weeks after giving birth. My swelling has gone down, I can breathe normally, and eat what I want. It’s been amazing.”

Jamie Scott with her husband Skyler and Shayden, 12, and Landon, 7. These are the incredible first moments a joyous couple spent with their precious quintuplets who they conceived after a FIVE-YEAR battle with infertility.
Baby Lily Jane, 2lb 3oz, who was born last.

The couple, who met on a blind date, are looking forward to getting back to normal life in Utah, where their young sons are currently staying with their grandparents.

Dad Skyler said: “We’re going to be really tired for 18 years but we’re so excited to raise these kids.

“The babies are probably going to be here until April or May, but we are definitely looking forward to getting back to normality.”

Baby Daisy Kate, 2lb 9oz who was born second.
Baby Logan Matthew, 2lb 2oz, born third.

Jamie added: “I’m really looking forward to getting home and back to normal life with our beautiful family.”

For Dr. John Elliot, Medical Director at Elliott Center for Multiples, the Scott babies are his 24th set of quintuplets, but he said the thrill of a safe delivery never gets old.

Baby Violet Rose, 2lb 6oz, born first.
Baby Lincoln Alan, 2lb, born fourth.

Dr. Elliot said: “You have to understand that there are about 30 people involved in a delivery like this, and when it goes well, everyone is so thrilled.

“It’s great to have been a part of bringing these babies safely into the world.”


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