Couple Finally Tie The Knot After Spending 42 Years Together

David Kavanagh, 74, and Margaret,75, on their wedding day in hospital with ward sister Hannah Metcalfe.

A doting couple have finally tied the knot after a whopping 42 years together.

David Kavanagh, 74, and Margaret Emberton, 75, finally tied the knot two weeks ago after a lifetime together.

And when they finally decided to tie the knot, they had to put back their plans David was diagnosed with kidney cancer.

But the happy couple are now husband and wife, after a ceremony at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, north London, in front of a registrar, family and friends.

They met in 1975 at a Jewish youth club where Margaret worked as a cleaner, and David polished floors to earn extra cash while training to become a taxi driver.

Margaret said the reason for waiting so long before marrying David was because she ‘wanted to be sure’.

But they had to wait even longer after David fell seriously ill with cancer – he was in intensive care until August and sees a physiotherapist to help improve his walking.

Margaret has been with David in hospital every afternoon since March.

She added: “We had applied for a license and were planning our wedding, but then David became ill and has been an inpatient at the Royal Free Hospital since March.

“David has been very ill including several bouts of pneumonia but he’s really turned the corner now and the next stage will be leaving the hospital and going into rehabilitation.

“All the staff looking after him here have been absolutely wonderful.”

The couple say their secret to a long and happy relationship is not going to bed on an argument, and spending the occasional night out apart.

Nurses on the ward helped David with wedding plans, measuring him for his wedding suit and decorating the ward where the ceremony took place.

Hannah Metcalfe, ward sister, said: “We’ve loved helping David and Margaret plan their wedding here.

“We lent a hand with the paperwork involved to get a registrar, helped measure David for his suit and staff also enjoyed decorating the room and hearing about their plans.

“They are a lovely couple and are devoted to each other.

“This is the happy ending they both deserve.”


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