Couple celebrating incredible 76-years of marriage say a kiss a day is the secret

Jim and Susan Routledge celebrate 76 years of marriage.

A couple celebrating an incredible 76 years of marriage have revealed a daily KISS is the secret of a lasting relationship.

Jim Routledge, 96, and his wife Susan, 94, tied the knot on September 27, 1940, in their local town hall.

And despite having one of the country’s longest marriages, the couple, from Greenock, Inverclyde, are happier than ever.

The couple, who live together in a care home in the town, were surrounded by family, friends and staff members as they celebrated their anniversary.

And both Jim and Susan had their own advice as to what makes the perfect marriage.

Jim and Susan Routledge celebrate 76 years of marriage.
Jim and Susan Routledge celebrate 76 years of marriage.

Jim, a former teacher, said: “A kiss on the cheek every day keeps us going, Susan is great at it.

“I have also learned not to object to anything, that way we are always happy. We love each other very much.”

Susan, a former jewellery assistant, added: “The secret to a happy marriage is just to be good to each other and enjoy the good days.

“I think you always remember the fun times.”

Jim and Susan first met each other at a local dance and both knew there was something special between them.

At the time of their marriage, Britain was in the grip of World War II, and so the couple were happy for the opportunity to bring cheer to their families.

Susan said: “We met at the dancing and we grew to love each other very quickly.

“We got married at a time when an awful lot of people were unhappy because of the war, so it was good for us to bring cheer to our families.”

The couple’s first child, June, now 75 and living in Texas, USA, was born a year after their marriage, and Jim worked in a torpedo factory to support his family.

Jim and Susan Routledge pictured earlier on in their relationship
Jim and Susan Routledge pictured earlier on in their relationship

But the couple were to endure separation when Jim was called up to the army and sent to the Far East, where he served until 1947.

After Jim finally returned home to Scotland, the couple soon welcomed their second daughter Linda, 63, who now lives in Hertfordshire.

Jim and Susan both worked hard to support their family, with Jim going to college to study to be a technical teacher.

He was the principal of the subject at the town’s St Stephen’s school, while Susan also worked as a school librarian, before working as a jewellery assistant.

The loving couple only moved out of their family home earlier this year and have enjoyed a lifetime of dancing together, playing badminton and going on holidays.

Linda could not be more proud of her lovely parents and believes they set a great example.

She said: “We had a really happy home. I remember a very good childhood and they provided such a lovely upbringing for myself and my sister, who was 12 years older than me.

“My dad still dotes on my mum. It’s lovely to see.”


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