Council killjoy slammed for trying to shut down cancer charity event


A killjoy environmental health officer has been slammed after he hid in a BUSH to try and shut down a cancer charity event – for being too noisy.

The jobsworth council worker told organisers of a Cancer Research UK bike ride that their PA system was too loud.

But when the fundraisers insisted they were within the legal limit, he crouched in a bush with sound measuring equipment and secretly monitored the event.

The Get On Your Bike charity ride raised £17,000 in spite of his actions – but an after-ride party was cancelled because of the official had ”put a dampener” on the day.

Retired retail worker Carol Osborne, 66, who spent a year organising the annual event, today hit out at the council worker for ”ruining” the day.

She said: ”It was unpleasant, uncalled for and unprofessional. He came up to me with no introduction and just started yelling.

”I panicked a little bit and went and got another organiser. The end of the day was ruined as everyone just sloped home rather than staying around for a party.

”He came across like he was on noise patrol and he was a real party pooper. He totally ruined the day for me and I had spent all year organising it.

”He really spoiled the event – it’s almost like he had some sort of vendetta against us. It put a dampener on the whole thing.”

The annual Cancer Research UK ‘Get On Your Bike’ event sees fundraisers cycle a seven or 15-mile course in Milton Keynes, Bucks.

Cyclists for the event were cheered on and given directions by a PA system, run for free by Jim Helliar of Book Me A Disco.

When this year’s event was held on September 12 an environmental health officer arrived and demanded that Carol shut down the sound system.

He also defied Jim from calling out the numbers of cyclists crossing the finishing line before hiding in a bush with his sound monitoring equipment.

The situation forced the event to close early and Jim has slammed the over zealous worker as ”insane”.

He said: ”The day relies on me getting on the mic and talking to people as they set off and basically geeing up the crowd.

”I was told I was causing a public nuisance but I?m sorry we had done the sound check and we are restricted at 82 decibels, we were at 60.

”The man said he was going and then went and hid in a bush with a sound meter, it was insane.”

A spokesman for Milton Keynes Council said the authority had launched an investigation into the incident following a complaint from Cancer Research UK.

He said: ”We are still looking into this complaint, but have since met with the organiser to discuss this matter.

”We have agreed to work closely with them for next year’s planned event, so that any potential impact on surrounding residents can be minimised, whilst allowing the maximum amount of money to be raised for this very worthwhile cause.”


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