Confused Kitten! Tiny moggie to rival Angry Cat due to its distinct EYEBROWS 


Meet the tiny kitten taking the internet by storm because of his EYEBROWS that make him look constantly confused.

Owner Coroline Entwistle with Confused Kitten (Ross Parry / SWNS)
Owner Coroline Entwistle with Confused Kitten (Ross Parry / SWNS)

The eight-week-old moggie has gone viral since his owners aptly named him ‘Confused Kitten’.

He even has his own Facebook page which is quickly gathering ‘likes’, as he tries to rival internet sensation Grumpy Cat.


Owner Andy Entwistle, 40, said: “When he was born there were just these two little black blotches on his forehead.

“As he grew they got bigger and started to spread out.

“We started saying how confused he looked so I penned him ‘Concerned Kitten’ and it’s just stuck.”


The super-cute kitten from Bolton, Gtr Mancs., was one of four born to mum Luna, two, who is a “a dalmatian cat” — white with black spots.

Andy and his wife Caroline, 45, rehomed two of the kittens but they could not part with him or his sister, Amy, who has mobility issues.

Full-time mum Caroline said: “Because we’ve already got a couple of cats we hadn’t really intended of keeping any from Luna’s litter.

“But when we saw his distinctive look we couldn’t get rid of him looking like that.

“We love Grumpy Cat so we thought we’d give him a run for his money”.



Aside from his stage name, Confused Kitten has been given another name – Gary, after Take That star Gary Barlow.

“When Gary Barlow’s singing he holds his eyebrows up to get to the high notes, and there’s definitely a resemblence,” said Caroline.

“We decided it was a great name for him. He can’t be Confused Kitten all the time.”

Andy, a programme operator, and Caroline, who are parents to Eden, three, Arlen, four, six-year-old Caelen and Carys , 18, are quick to dismiss claims the eyebrows are drawn on.

Caroline added: “A lot of people have asked us if they’re drawn on, but they’re really not.

“It would be a bit cruel wouldn’t it really.

“But if anyone doesn’t believe it, we’re happy to try and rub them off. They’re not going anywhere!”


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