Computer gamer sets world record on game he spent ten years playing


A dedicated gamer who has spent the last ten years playing a computer game he rescued from a skip has smashed a 27-year-old world record for the highest score ever on the machine.

Damien Ramsey has

Addict Justin Baxter, 38, has spent the equivalent of a staggering 15 solid weeks on the 80s console – found at a scrapyard in 1990 – before he broke the Guinness World Record.

He was obsessed with Cosmic Monsters and practiced for an hour every day until he reached a points tally of 145,680 smashing the previous best of 105,310 set by an American in 1983.

Store worker Justin, of St Eval, Cornwall, said: ”I knew I could beat it. Over the last seven years I’ve honed a system.

”I always wondered what it would be like to tell people I’m a world record holder and now I can find out. I’m not sure how impressed they’ll be though.”

Cosmic Monsters is similar to the 80s classic Space Invaders and involves zapping aliens as they appear on the screen whilst trying to avoid them.

Justin, who lives with partner Victoria, 34, and son Jack, five, added: ”I don’t have any plans to stop – I’ve got to beat my own record.”

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