Commonwealth Games chiefs employ monkeys as security guards


Indian authorities are fending off troublesome wildlife at this year’s Commonwealth Games by employing MONKEYS as security guards.

The trained Langur monkeys will be used to scare off wild monkeys, dogs and snakes at the sporting event in Delhi from today.

Wild monkeys are seen as a nuisance in the Indian city with thousands of the primates roaming round government and other official buildings – stealing food and attacking humans.

Commonwealth Games chiefs will be introducing at least ten Langur monkeys to combat the problems. They will be controlled on leads by specially trained handlers, who release them once other monkeys are seen.

New Delhi Municipal Committee official Devender Prasad told the AFP: “They are there for the monkey problem. They will be moving outside the stadiums.”

Langur monkeys are regarded as intelligent animals but, at the same time, very aggressive and incredibly territorial – making them ideal for keeping pests away from the event’s sporting venues.

The Commonwealth Games has been draped in controversy amid concerns the Athletes’ Village was not up to scratch after horror stories emerged about the accommodation. A South African team member even spotted a King Cobra in his room.

Prince Charles will officially open the Commonwealth Games this weekend.



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