Cockapoo is Britain’s happiest dog


Alfie the pup has been crowned Britain’s happiest dog – thanks to his permanent SMILE.

Cockapoo is Britain's happiest dog

The nine-month-old Cockapoo won over the judges with his broad grin and furiously wagging tale.

He beat dozens of other dogs to win the competition, which was organised by Penguin Books.

His owner Dan Salt, 30, from St George, Bristol, said: “He is a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle – and he is a very happy dog.

“Alfie always looks like he is grinning – he even runs with a smile on his face. He loves going out for walks and chasing other dogs around.

“He is also just as happy when he’s lying around at home.

“Alfie is affectionate and does not bark or growl. I think if a burglar broke into our house he would probably go over and give him a cuddle.”

The white-haired pooch beat competition from 75 other canines around the country to be named ‘Britain’s Happiest Dog’.

He was entered into the competition – launched to mark the release of new book ‘In Defence of Dogs’ – by his walker Sharon Jackson.

She said: “Alfie deserved to win as he is always happy. He loves going on walks, meeting new play mates and chewing on plant pots.”

Chris Croissant, from Penguin’s digital team, said: “All the dogs looked very happy and very much loved by their owners.

“In the end, the only fair way to decide was for the staff in the digital team to get round the computer screen, look at all the entries, and the photo that got the most cheers won.

“That was Alfie.”



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