circlate – Chat to people near you to discover new things about your area




circlate is a new great way to find out what is happening around the UK.

A mix of social discovery, neighbourhood social network and local news, circlate is like Yik Yak for adults.

Launching formally mid-January, circlate promotes conversation between people sharing the same experience.

Users can chat to those nearby – start a discussion, ask a question or share their thoughts. circlate is about finding out or discussing what is happening nearby.

Privacy is paramount; locations are neither tracked nor shown to other users.

circlate will automatically display all messages sent by other users in your area.

circlateSo whether you are at a sports event or concert and want to discuss it with others attending, or want to ask locals for recommendations, circlate is the easy way to communicate with others nearby.

There is no ‘following’; all messages are displayed to everyone based on location so it is the perfect way to see what is happening near you.

circlate aims to build continually changing location-based communities who can share useful information pertinent to their area.

It allows the user to control the size of the area they are interested in when both reading and writing messages, from a small radius up to a maximum of 1500 metres.

Founder Wayne Snyder said “The idea of the app came when I was doing a trip around the UK and wanted to find out information about the different areas I was visiting without having to keep downloading different apps. And whilst I could find some location-based apps, they were focussed on meeting people and I really did not want to meet new people or for people to see where I was, I just wanted to discuss the area with others.”

In fact tourist attractions have been some of the most interested organisations with circlate signing up a number including Ripley’s London who wish to use the app to further enhance visitor interactive experience.

To celebrate the launch, a riddle will be posted by circlate at the end January in a number of different locations around the UK.

The first three people to reply to the riddle with the correct answer will each be win an iPad Mini so download today and keep checking the messages in different areas.

circlate is available for free on the App Store and Google Play or download via


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