Choosing your Preferred Casino Payment Method


Playing an online casino for real money will require you to choose a preferred payment method.  For one to be able to play at an online casino, they are required to open a casino account and make deposits to those accounts. Therefore, the following are some of the various methods to make payments to your casino account safely and reliably.

Pay by phone casinos 

Pay by Phone casinos will give you a chance as a player to add funds to your account in a quick and simple way, by using a mobile balance which is pre-paid, or including the funds to your current phone bill. The services offered by Pay by Phone casinos involves filling out a simple form or sending an SMS, which helps the player to make casino payments directly to their casino accounts from their mobile.

Skrill casinos

A Skrill Casino is a fast and secure e-wallet which requires you to provide your email address and password to make a deposit into an online or mobile casino. This form of payment is beneficial as payments are anonymous, and you can cash out the winnings and later withdraw the money with a Skrill debit card. The payments you make through Skrill casino reflects into your casino account, and it is quicker and safer as compared to other payments methods.

Neteller Casinos

Neteller is a casino payment option that is more appealing to casino players who want one payment method used for a different number of purposes such as topping up their account.  Neteller security and speed of transaction is a high priority, and it is offered by many casinos as withdrawal and depositing method. Additionally, signing up is free, and it is simple and easy to use. You can transfer money from your bank account to casino quickly with a bank account.

Citadel instant banking casinos

Citadel instant banking avails the deposits made in an online casino in minutes, and the process is simple with stated procedures having an outline to follow when making the deposit. Citadel payments are completed virtually instantly. Additionally, the payments are safe and secure due to their standards and measures of banking security. Finally, you will not need to provide confidential and sensitive information required from the depositor in the online casino, making it safe and secure.

MasterCard Casinos

Depositing in an online casino using MasterCard is a quick and straightforward procedure to follow. You will first choose the deposit page of the online casino for the credit cards and then select the MasterCard option. The payments will reflect immediately after the deposit is a success. This method is an easy way of making a payment as the procedure to deposit are simple and takes only a few minutes to reflect.  You can deposit without actually having money in your account and replay afterwards.


Ideally, all these types of casinos by payment methods are equally important to the casino players. All you need is to decide on the one which suits you better.


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