How celebrities started the latest trend… smoking e-shisha pipes

A celebrity uses the an e-shisha pen in what has become the latest craze
A celebrity uses the an e-shisha pen in what has become the latest craze

There is no doubt about it; we are having a very public love affair with celebrities. It doen’t seem to matter what they do, our obsession with the rich and famous continues to grow.

Celebs are the inspiration for everything; fashion, attitude and lifestyle and we take every opportunity to copy them. For years we have studied every move they’ve made and taken on trends, no matter how extreme, just to be like our favourite singer, movie star or IT girl.

A favourite celebrity past time is the club scene. Any excuse to party and they take it. Naturally all eyes are on them when they do go out and this has led to a new craze sweeping across the globe, the e-shisha. With companies such as offering us the chance to be just like the A-list.  The e-shisha is a spin off from the electronic cigarette that was designed to help us quit the dirty smoking habit. The e-shisha is basically an electronic version of the shisha pipe, without the harmful chemicals.

They come in a range of fruit flavoured vapours, in a colourful cigarette shaped stick that is seriously cool; after all it has the celebrity seal of approval.

The typical life of a celeb is a world away from our own and we mimic them to escape the grinds of daily life. Celebrities are the leaders of the fashion pack and we aren’t just talking clothes. Everything they do shapes how we behave and the things that we incorporate into our own lives.

The media are the route of the obsession; the constant news stories and paparazzi photos of stars mean we are bombarded with those living the high life. Constantly seeing the rich and famous creates feelings of jealousy; there is no better way to describe it. This is why we have lost a sense of individuality and rely on stars to decide what we do and what we like.

Fortunately, for once, celebrities have started a trend that we can actually follow.  There are countless times we have tried to copy and can’t because the craze is unaffordable or unrealistic for us ‘normal’ people.

The e-shisha trend began in  nightclubs, celeb hangouts and festivals. The way it has taken off has been overwhelming as celebrity enthusiasts try to become the first to take on the craze. Thetrend is spreading like wildfire, and it is commonplace in nightclubs and social venues.

The way this trend has taken hold really shows how much meaning the celebrity voice carries. They are the instigators of fun and will continue to lead us into trends and crazes… as long as we can keep up.


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