Cat survives microwave, freezer and tumble dryer ordeal


A man has admitted putting his cat in a microwave, freezer and tumble dryer – while filming it on his mobile phone.

Cruel Colin Sherlock, 44, caused ”mental and physical torture and unnecessary suffering” to the one-year old cat called Roxy while drunk and high on drugs.

Miraculously the poor cat survived the terrifying ordeal and is now being looked after by the RSPCA.

The cat is seen smoking after 10 seconds in the microwave and drier before being shut in the freezer for 20 seconds.

Sherlock was warned he faces jail after pleading guilty at Torquay Magistrates Court in Devon.

As he left court he said: ”I put my hands up to it. I have made a mistake and I am going to be punished for it.

”It was a drunken, stupid, drugged-up mistake and if I have harmed anyone I apologise.”

The incident is believed to have happened at a house in Dawlish, Devon.

John Wyatt, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, told the court: ”Sherlock caused unnecessary suffering to a female short-haired domestic cat by subjecting her to mental and physical torture through confining her in a microwave oven which was switched on, a tumble dryer which was switched on and by confining her in a freezer.”

Chair of the bench Rita Hennaford said sentencing would be adjourned so that an ”all options” report could be prepared by probation services.

She said: ”In view of your guilty plea, we cannot proceed with the matter today because we require reports from the Probation Service.

”However you are probably looking at custody for this matter and that is one of the matters that will be considered by the Probation Service.”

Sherlock, of Dawlish, was remanded on unconditional bail until November 5 when he will be sentenced at Torquay Magistrates Court.

A 16-year-old and 17-year-old youth, both from Teignmouth, Devon also charged with cruelty to the cat pleaded not guilty.

They will face Newton Abbot Youth Court next October.


  1. LOL, kind of stupid that we don’t get in trouble for microwaving other animals and eating them. Oh, cats are “cute” I forgot. So they are more important than other animals, right?

    • Oh yea? How many live animals have you put in your microwave? None? Thought so. I think you meant you put animals that have been humanely killed for consumption in yours.

      There’s a difference.

      • How about live lobsters, turtles, oysters, clams, mussels, snails, and frogs thrown live into a pot of boiling water? I’ve done that before. Same as microwaving.

          • What! Well ok, but if you have ever enjoyed lobster, it was probably thrown live into boiling water. EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

          • This is situation is different, because what that man did is torture. He obviously didn’t want to eat the cat, but he tortured it so he could film it with his cell phone. What a SICK man.

    • Yes. Cute animals get special treatment. Especially if they purr when cuddled. Try cuddling a lobster. You’ll get pinched for your trouble. Plus it has a tiny brain. Did I mention the pincers? Delicious!

      Microwaved cat tastes terrible.

    • Shame if some one chucked you in boiling water, that would be one big hell of a LOL, anyway you’re probably his halfbreed sister / wife. Fool

    • we microwave other animals because we EAT them, i believe that Europe and The United States have the same morals that cats and Dogs are looked upon as pets not food. the man in this article was drunk and hoped up on drugs and tortured the cat when did this article ever suggest he wanted to eat the cat?

  2. I would revel in dishing out the same torture to sickos like that, except I would substitute the microwave for burning on a stake.


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