Carer stole £13k from deaf man, 92, she was supposed to be looking after

Kelly Day stole £13k from a vulnerable 92-year-old
Kelly Day stole £13k from a vulnerable 92-year-old
Kelly Day stole £13k from a vulnerable 92-year-old
Kelly Day stole £13k from a vulnerable 92-year-old

A callous carer faces jail after stealing over £13,000 from a 92-year-old deaf man she was supposed to be looking after.

Kelly Day, 38, systematically drained vulnerable John Filmer’s bank account to buy food and clothes for herself.

Mr. Filmer, who uses a wheelchair, told investigators he had never used a cash machine and didn’t know how to operate one.

But police found that mother-of-one Day was repeatedly stealing his bank card to take money out of his account.

Mr. Filmer innocently thought she was looking after his shopping money and the county council had taken other amounts to pay for her care.

Canterbury Crown Court heard that Day was eventually caught red-handed when she arrived at the pensioner’s home on a day she was not on the rota to be there.

Police had checked Mr. Filmer’s wallet beforehand and later found it contained an extra card that Day had used to withdraw £300 in cash.

Day was immediately sacked by her employers, Kent-based Tender Loving Carers whose slogan is  “To Care As WE Would Expect Others To Care For Us.”

When quizzed she claimed she needed the money to pay rent arrears and feared she would lose her home.

Day, from Canterbury, was convicted of theft and will be sentenced next month.

She was granted bail by Judge Simon James but he warned her to expect a custodial sentence.

Care company boss Brigitte Grutzmacher said: “We welcome this charge as there is no room in our company or in this sector for such people.

“Our company has supported and helped the police fully with all their enquiries.

“The client in question is still using our services which is a testament to the company proving that we put the client first.”


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