Caffeine addicted Brits gulp down 75,500 cups of coffee over a lifetime


Caffeine-addicted Brits will gulp down more than 75,500 cups of coffee over a lifetime, a new study has revealed.

Researchers found every weekday the typical Brit has a cup in the morning, at least two at work during the day and another one on their arrival back home in the evening.

Added to that is another two on Saturday and another couple on Sunday – making a total of 24 a week – or around 1,248 every year.

And with each cup roughly containing 300millilitres that means that over their lifetime they will consume about as much as 267 bath tubs full of the brown stuff.

Yesterday Vivienne Palmer from Gaggia, which carried out the study, said: ”Lots of British workers feel energised and ready for the day when they have their first cup of coffee.

”For years, coffee has been coming second best to tea, but it seems this may be changing.

”As we’re discovering different coffee types such as Latte and Macchiato it appears we are becoming more European in embracing our love for the hot drink.

”Treating yourself to a couple of coffees throughout the day can often seem like a real luxury during a stressful day at work.”

The study of 3,000 Brits revealed coffee is now the hot beverage of choice – leaving tea lagging behind.

Around 51 per cent of people prefer coffee while just 44 per cent prefer tea – while the other five per cent liked neither.

More than half even admitted they needed a cup of coffee in the morning before they felt awake.

Sixteen per cent admitted preferring coffee because it was a ‘more mature and sophisticated’ drink.

Cappuccino was found to be our most popular coffee-based drink followed by Latte and Espresso.

The research also revealed two thirds of Brits spend £6.41 a week on coffee from a coffee shop – the equivalent of £333.32 per year, about the cost of a family holiday.

It also emerged the office coffee machine is fast replacing the water cooler as the area Brits are most likely to chat to a colleague.

More than three quarters now catch up over a ‘coffee machine moment’ with 52 per cent discussing work gossip.

TV programmes (31 per cent) and relationships (28 per cent) were found to be other popular discussion points around the office coffee machine.

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