Bugatti Veyron crashes into Toyota during test drive


A motorist was left red-faced after reversing a £1 million Bugatti Veyron into a car stationary in traffic – while on a TEST DRIVE.

Bugatti Veyron reverses into Toyota in traffic

The driver was slowly edging the Bugatti Veyron on to a congested road with the car dealer guiding him out onto the oncoming traffic due to the 253mph supercar’s terrible blindspots.

As onlookers film the scene on their mobile phones, the Veyron’s rear clips a stationary Toyota Corolla while the front end scrapes the pavement.

To make things worse the humiliated motorist then attempts to drive back up the pavement where he scrapes the bottom of the Veyron again.

The unfortunate accident highlights the risks in having a luxury car dealership in a city centre. Supercars are notoriously low to the ground so driving up and down even minor gradients runs the risk of bumper damage.

and most supercar dealers will drive the vehicle out of the showroom themselves for the test drive before parking it up on a quieter road before handing the keys over to the customer.

But the video does show the driver rolling the window up, and when you’re getting directions while driving a £1 million car you want to be able to hear what’s being said.

Despite being the slowest – and possibly most embarrassing – ever Bugatti Veyron crash, it’s unlikely to be a cheap fix for the dealership with US motoring blog Jalopnik rumouring the damage to be around £20,000.

But that’s considerably less than the £330,000 damage inflicted on the German-based Veyron involved in a smash on the autobahn last week.

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  1. I was shocked when I filmed this. I couldn’t believe what just happened. You’ll also notice a policeman coming out of thin air to the right. What timing!


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