Brits Are Losing The Equivalent Of One Night’s Sleep Over The Course Of A Week


As much as we like to think that we’re getting enough sleep every night in order to complete normal and healthy daily functions, it simply seems that it’s not the case.

According to a survey by Bensons for Beds, a staggering 70% of the 10,000 people surveyed admitted that they were not getting enough sleep each night.

With the number of sleeping hours that is recommended for a typical adult being anywhere between seven and nine hours per night, it’s no surprise that Brits are totting up the equivalent of losing one night’s sleep over the course of the week.

Founder of The Sleep School Dr Guy Meadows explained that the lack of sleeping epidemic is gradually getting worse. He says that the results “suggest a worsening of the UK’s sleepless epidemic with the number of adults reporting to get less than six hours sleep per night increasing from 46% to 53%”.

As for the reasons that have been voted most to-blame for the lack of sleep, over 50% of women admitted that general life and financial stresses was the main reasons, whilst 40% of men said that pressure in their job was to blame.

It seems like the lack of sleep is affecting us when it comes to our jobs, too. A shocking 12% of people said that they’d fallen asleep during a meeting, whilst it’s estimated that 8% of people have called in sick as a result of sleep deprivation, causing an approximate loss in annual revenue of £1 billion.

Children are also not getting the correct amount of sleep for their age. 27% of children between the age of three years to 17 years had been found to not be getting the recommended number of hours sleep for their age.

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