Britain’s most dedicated Cub Scout earns all 54 badges in just TWO years

Proud cub scout Tristan Gee shows off his badges
Proud cub scout Tristan Gee shows off his badges

A ten-year-old boy was today  hailed Britain’s most dedicated Cub Scout – after earning all 54 badges in just two years.

Determined Tristan Gee has achieved one new badge every two weeks since he joined his troop in 2010 and has so many he almost ran out of space on his cub jumper for them all.

The schoolboy joined just a handful of other Cubs in Britain to complete every badge and was awarded his last one – map reading – on his final ever meeting before joining the Scouts this week.

He first joined Romsley Cub Scouts, in his home town of Bromsgrove, Worcs., when he was eight-years-old and set himself the challenge of earning every badge.

And remarkably, Tristan, had to work hard almost every school night and weekend to achieve his incredible goal.

On Sunday Tristan was presented with a special neckerchief and the Chief Scout’s Silver Award – the highest award available in the Cubs – in honour of his remarkable achievements.

The proud schoolboy said: “It was a bit phenomenal to do it really. I’m amazed that I’ve done this.

“Martial arts was the hardest because I don’t like it much. Ice skating was another hard one.

“My friends and other Cubs think it’s amazing too. I think I will try and do all the Scout badges now.”

Tristan doing his camping badge
Tristan doing his camping badge

Tristan’s diverse range of badges include those for map reading, DIY, martial arts, cycling, music, IT, swimming and horse riding.

He has completed all 33 activity badges, all seven challenge badges and has 13 stage badges from the six categories.

Tristan’s Badges33 Activity Badges:

Air Activities Activity Badge
Animal Carer Activity Badge
Artist Activity Badge
Astronomer Activity Badge
Athletics Activity Badge
Athletics Plus Activity Badge
Book Reader Activity Badge
Camper Activity Badge
Chef Activity Badge
Collector Activity Badge
Communicator Activity Badge
Cyclist Activity Badge
DIY Activity Badge
Entertainer Activity Badge
Equestrian Activity Badge
Global Conservation Activity Badge
Hobbies Activity Badge
Home Help Activity Badge
Home Safety Activity Badge
Local Knowledge Activity Badge
Map Reader Activity Badge
Martial Arts Activity Badge
My Faith Activity Badge
Naturalist Activity Badge
Navigator Activity Badge
Personal Safety Activity Badge
Physical Recreation Activity Badge
Road Safety Activity Badge
Scientist Activity Badge
Skater Activity Badge
Sports Enthusiast Activity Badge
Water Activities Activity Badge
World Faiths Activity Badge

8 Challenge Awards:

Chief Scout’s Silver Award
Outdoor Plus Challenge
Community Challenge
Creative Challenge
Global Challenge
Outdoor Challenge
Fitness Challenge
Promise Challenge

13 Staged Activity Badges:

Five of the Swimmer Staged Activity Badges
Two of the Emergency Aid Staged Activity Badges
Three of the Information Technology Staged Activity Badges
Hikes Away Staged Activity Badge
Musician Staged Activity Badge
Nights Away Staged Activity Badge

The schoolboy almost lost out on his dream when he struggled to perfect ice skating – falling more than 20 times on his first lesson.

But after hours of practice he passed with flying colours, achieving a level three when he only needed a level one.

Proud mum, Kathryn, 40, said the whole family was proud of Tristan and that he deserved the award.

The personal assistant, who lives in Bromsgrove with her accountant husband
Paul, 43, and their two children, Tristan and his sister Felicity, nine, said: “Tristan has been a cub since he was eight-years-old and it has taken the whole of cubs to complete the badges.

“He decided when he went there to try and do it because he likes to achieve, he’s quite a high achiever and it was something to keep him motivated.

“He was really focused and he was doing it every night and weekend after his school homework.

“It is a very difficult thing to achieve, due to the range of badges that are available.

“The ones (badges) that have been the most difficult are the sport ones because he had to learn them.

“Things like martial arts and ice skating have taken a lot of commitment. He couldn’t stand up when he started ice skating but now he can do it.

“I wanted to prove to him that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

“He did the last badge at the weekend on the last Cub camp and he started Scouts on Monday.

“They are already starting on badges so he is happy with that. I think he will give it a go to get all the Scout badges too.

“He has had to learn a lot of skills that didn’t come naturally to him. It’s sheer determination and hard work.

“We are all so proud of him.”



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