BQool Announces Revolutionary VAT Invoicing Feature for New Feedback Central


BQool, one of the leading SaaS companies for Amazon repricing and feedback management, has announced an important update to its Feedback Central software with innovative features and improved user interface.

In response to customers’ requests, BQool recently updated its Feedback Central with new features, including VAT Invoice Generator, translated templates, advanced email campaign, and campaign performance analytics. These features are especially beneficial for Amazon sellers who sell in multiple EU marketplaces.

“We are very excited about the release of these revolutionary features, especially the VAT Invoice Generator,” said Jonathan Low, CEO of BQool. “It is the first time that a third party Amazon feedback software company has incorporated an invoicing tool into the software. We believe our robust feedback software can help Amazon sellers manage their feedback more efficiently and optimize their business operations.”

Amazon EU sellers are frequently asked for VAT invoices by buyers, and oftentimes sellers find creating VAT invoices to be a strenuous and energy consuming task. BQool VAT Invoice Generator aims to facilitate the process for Amazon EU sellers. Sellers simply fill in the VAT numbers and the VAT rates for different countries that are applicable to their business, and BQool will automatically generate and send the VAT invoices.

Communicating with buyers in different languages is another challenge for many sellers who operate in multiple EU marketplaces. BQool provides 13 default email templates translated into French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese to streamline the feedback solicitation process. BQool’s advanced email campaign and campaign performance analytics features further enable sellers to optimize their email campaigns and boost feedback ranking.

BQool offers a 14-day free trial for Feedback Central. For more information about the new features, visit:


  1. Unfortunately the VAT Invoice generator is useless because you have no ability to change the invoice number. In order to comply with the laws in most EU countries your VAT numbers needs to be consecutive. If you already have provided some invoices you cannot start from number 0000595 for example… BQool starts with 1 and therefore it’s unusable.


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