Boycott Coral! Bookmaker faces protest after refusing to pay out on a football fan’s 485/1 bet

Chris Fear, 33, outside the Coral betting shop which is refusing to pay out on his 485/1 winning bet
Chris Fear, 33, outside the Coral betting shop which is refusing to pay out on his 485/1 winning bet

Furious football fans were today threatening to boycott bookmakers Coral – for refusing to pay out on a punter’s 485/1 winning bet.

Chris Fear was delighted when his £1 bet came in on Saturday after his beloved Bristol Rovers’ 3-0 away win against Fleetwood.

He had placed a £1 bet that Rovers would win by that margin with midfielder Jonjo O’Toole scoring at anytime during the match – with Coral giving odds of 485/1.

Chris Fear, 33, outside the Coral betting shop which is refusing to pay out on his 485/1 winning bet
Chris Fear, 33, outside the Coral betting shop which is refusing to pay out on his 485/1 winning bet

But the bookie refusing to honour its end of the deal when the bricklayer, 33, went into the Coral in the Fishponds, Bristol, to collect his winnings.

The betting giant – which turned over more than £1.1 billion last year – said they don’t do ‘anytime scorecasts’ and the bet was taken in error.

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Father-of-two Chris, from Kingswood, Bristol, said: “He gave the odds and took the bet but when I went to collect they said it was a human error on their behalf and wouldn’t honour it.

“The bet was an ‘anytime scorecast’ but they now say they don’t do it and that it was a busy betting shop so they can’t expect all their staff to know all the rules.

The winning betting slip for a Bristol Rovers€™ 3-0 away win against Fleetwood
The winning betting slip for a Bristol Rovers€™ 3-0 away win against Fleetwood

“I was sat listening to the match on the radio and I was absolutely ecstatic when they scored their third goal and the odds came in.

“I was angry when they said they wouldn’t pay but I stayed cool. They said they would pay as a single bet but not a complete bet.”

Football fans from all clubs have hit out at the decision not to honour the bet with supporters on Twitter saying they will boycott the bookie unless they pay out.

A number of supporters have started using the #boycottcoral hashtag to protest the bookies’ decision.

Chris added: “Everyone thinks it is a disgrace and they are all supporting me.”


  1. The odds would be nowhere near those stated for the player to score anytime in the match and for them to win 3-0 anyway as the two parts of the bet are related, which would result in reduced odds.

    • The facts are the odds were displayed by corals in their betting shop, Chris hasn’t just made up the odds. The bet was taken and his stake paid. Question how many bets have Corals taken over the years where the bet was seamingly lost but the punter has not returned to reclaim his partial winnings stake – I guess None.
      I have had a similar experience with Corals not paying out the true odds displayed and they have just remarked as a plausible human error, this is rubbish they obviously need to retrain their staff.
      I have also boycott Corals Bookmakers.

      • incorrect the odds that would of been displayed in store it’s first goal scorer correct score odds. Corals don’t offer any time goal scorer correct score doubles. In fact the bet they offer first goal scorer correct goal scorer isn’t a double its a scorecast at reduced odds.

      • I have to as had the same issue bet on there roulette and they refused to pay out when you call them they say it was the spin after you laid out your bet which is crap as in wAs on the table it confirmed the win but didn’t payout nor returned the stake I have closed the account and will tell me everyone to use a different bookmaker.

    • i think all bookmakers are the same they like to take your money but dont like to pay out thats stealing money ive been caught the other week paid 10 pound short but didnt check before iwent they try anything not to pay up what a disgrace they are

      • Iv been betting for 25 years and never heard of a anytime score cast. The bokkies r right not to pay out. Any1 with a brain would realise there’s no such bet

      • Absolute bollocks. If the bet as been struck correctly and it’s a legitimate winning bet. Every high street bookie will honour it immediately every single time. A bookie welcing on paying out just doesn’t happen. They’d be shut down within hours. Dont make malicious allegations that are without any foundation of actuality or any element of truth however diminuative. Cretinous gonads like you instigate wars.

        • i opened an online account with coral yesterday. declined the bonuses and won 1500 from 20.
          they congratulated me when I rang to ask if I needed to verify the account, said all fine and well done will process payment today. and hour later account blocked and told they have discovered 8 identical accounts…Liars
          but try arguing and getting paid out….

    • you can bet on anything, if you wright out something on a betting slip, say, its going to snow on Christmas day, if they take your money and put the odds down, they got to pay out.its there business, they cant always win

      • HOWEVER if they write the wrong price down, i.e 100/1 instead of 10/1 they DO NOT have to pay out on 100/1. This is known as a palpable error and what happens is they pay out the average price that their competitors were at that time.

        • Yes, but this isn’t the case. They’ve offered quite high odds but the chances of the bet coming in are very high also!! A 3-0 away win and a player to score. It’s not 483 but it’s probably about 70-100, so why not just pay out or at least offer the punter what he would have won with the correct odds.

          Oh, but I’m sure that Coral always return the stake to the customer when these “mistakes” lose…..cos they’re not allowed bets….don’t they?! LOL A disgrace!

          • No it goes as two singles… did you even read the article.
            This is not a bet they… and this bull about they took the bet…the bet is your reaponsibility… not the bookies… fact

    • Still not getting my previous message regarding the displayed odds at Corals were the odds Chris expected to be returned and payed. If the comment in reference to the bet being related then why was this so say obvious issue not mentioned when the bet was layed. This underlines the fact the staff and or System Corals are using are not up to the task. Also consider there are many new punters that don’t know what a related bet is, so maybe this should also be clearly identified within corals shops.

    • That’s why I bet with paddy power.corals are a two bob outfit owned by private equity fund,sky bet are rubbish as well.i bet paddy power would have paid out,quality customer service

      • I agree paddy power are different class I stopped betting with corals a year ago for many reasons and quality of staff is very poor unlike power who’s staff are trained properly and kno the industry

        • Speak for the shops you’ve been in. I’ve been into about ten different shops around the country and I’ve experienced great customer service and I would recommend them to anyone.
          I think that certain punters should learn the rules first before placing a bet in the first place. If you don’t know what you’re doing then ask someone who does before you try and put a bet on. It’s not rocket science . . . . . .

        • Love this post.. I’ve got 15 years exp in bookmaking.. and a massive customer service passion and knowledge.. let me tell you where the problem lies.. staff recruitment.. I’ve just been turned down for a job with coral cos in the group interview i was not proactive enough.. the topic.. surviving in a rainforest.. you couldn’t make it up.. and during feedback lots of americanisms such as driving and movin 4ward.. guess what.. not once was the word customer mentioned..
          Sometimes customers make mistakes and sometimes bookies do too.. I’ll tell you this.. if you had staff who knew and we’re passionate about sport and gaming these mistakes would seldom happen..

          • 15 years service and great knowledge of customer service – can’t get a job in a bookies. Hahaha

        • Paddypower are just the same as all the other bookmakers – money grabbing bloodsuckers. Opened new account and wagered £300 on roulette to £687 then few mins later my account was closed as I had self excluded myself over 5 years ago. waiting for refund of £300 but my profit of £387 is non negotiable – not even meeting me with any fairness etc. ALL BOOKMAKERS JUST WANT MORE AND MORE PROFIT – END OF STORY – WE DONT STAND A CHANCE.

    • Out of order corals, I bet there every week not any more, anytime scorer should be honoured, they try short changing even the smallest amount from my pensioner dad, the staff should be held responsible and corals pay out. If I mess up in my job then I’m responsible, what is £500 to bookmakers that make millions?discrace!!!

    • I had the same with with Coral but mine was worse. mine was 80/1 and I put a £10 bet. It was on my slip and on the board. I still have the pictures.

    • These bookies are crafty, once I bet a house 5/1 £20 and won.
      Betfred refused to me and said it was 15 seconds, 3 miles chase race.
      Again ladbrokes refused to pay my winning and forecast and told me I was late 2 second, the staff were busy and yapping and I become looser.
      They are very nasty.
      I am sorry about your bet.

    • I put a bet on the winner and forecast. I placed in on time and sat down before it was off. The cashier
      said bet placed after time. I found out from another employee they were having problems with the computer system. All co,plants were met by sullen refusal to consider my predicament. Bet placed late..that’s final. I’ve never been a Corals since.Wouldn’t be surprised if their public relations dept run by Trump. Ps how many losing bets were’incorrectly’placed and not refunded.

  2. We are pleased to say this issue has now been resolved with the customer, after we offered an ex-gratia payment of £204, based on our calculation of the correct odds.

      • “based on our calculation of the correct odds”….. They have calculated the price to what it would have been IF they offered this bet type!

        Ladbrokes Coral group, William Hill, Betfred, Paddy Power…. Mention and slate any bookmaker you like but the fact still stands… Everyone has a choice – “To bet, or not to bet, that is the question” and if YOU CHOOSE to bet, shut up complaining and GET OVER IT and if you can’t stop complaining…. STOP GAMVLING. Really is THAT simple!

        Joke = All of you whiners! Odds on you shut up when you’re winning

    • what a shower of wallies cant even train your staff properly and your machines are rigged to hell rng no chance if that was the case they wouldn’t display the odds on the machine

    • Too late as usual I could not bet with corals anymore as having many disputes and Iwas paid out on all of them eventually ! They are so poor it astounds me how they have a customer base at all and their shop in bore ham wood is like a coffee house and meeting place not a bookies unlike p power who do not let this happen Gary Herts

  3. Anonymous
    If you read the article properly you would have seen that was not the issue but that he had been given those odds and there fore wanted coral to honour the bet as it was not his fault there staff member made the mistake. Jeze there’s always one

      • Rubbish, a contract of sorts was made this should be honored, no question. If a contract was made elsewhere then the law would ensure it was upheld. It’s a pity this can’t be taken to court.

        • As a punter you need to understand you cannot combine selections of the same event to make an accumulator. If that is possible you can put an Acca for Man U to win 2-1, have over 10 corners, match to have more than 2.5 goals etc and make a killing on daily basis since if one of the outcomes win the chances are all the other outcomes are pretty much likely to win. The same goes to the punter who predicted snow in 7-8 different ares an an accumulator bet and claiming a big win from a bookie.I think Coral is right in this case as punters need to be aware of the basic betting rules.

        • it is a contract yes, but there are RULES if errors are made. it can be taken to IBAS which have the final ruling on it.

          you have no idea how many folk i get in my shop thinking they can do “rooney to score and man u to win” as a straight double – no, you get a special price because if rooney scores then it increases the chance of man u winning

  4. Take it to a small claims court and get traiding standards in dont be fobbed off they got to pay dont let them fool u once a bet is taken its on

    • First and foremost the bet is incorrect, if it is it is not an issue for claims courts and trading standards as they don’t touch bookmakers, it falls under the bookmakers rules which are accepted by the Gambling Commission and regulated by a third party called IBAS, if the bet is accepted in error which it clearly is then the bookmaker on the whole generally has 2 options, void or replace at corrected odds as there are no ‘correct odds’ the bet should be void. It would be nice for Coral to offer some sort of Gesture but they don’t have too, people need to read the rules before making stupid assumptions that bookies have to pay out and talk of courts etc

      • Reference Anomymous comment May 6 (9.57), there is NO quote that Chris took the displayed odds which should have been over viewed by Coral staff before accepting the bet. If as it now appears the system was incorrect to wrongly display these odds then there is a major suggestion of betting Corruption(perhaps this is why the courts and trading standards don’t want to get involved with Bookmakers), as the punter is reliant on displayed odds from any listed sporting event to be true. To finalise the comment that punters should read the rules before making stupid assumptions is also a joke as the long exhausting list of rules are always stuck in the corners of betting shops in dim light.

    • You dont have a clue! If i wrote on a bet Liverpool to beat Oldham in the Cup and put 100/1 on the slip should i get paid???? Don,t talk rubbish.

  5. Coral have always been a crapy bookmaker you should try their online site.Out of all the big online sites this is the worst.

  6. I had a similar problem with betfred i took it to ibas the bookies regulator and they made them pay me in full and its a free service so i would go down that route before small claims court.

    • I placed abet at bet Fred for the stake of 6pounds thirty win lucky63 cashier put it in for aeon pound fifty bet and only payed me a quarter off what I should of had

  7. I too will never use coral again, apps crap website is crap telephone betting is crap and customer service is even worse, their system allegedly crashed on tuesday and could take no bets unless you we’re willing for a telephone agent to write it on a piece of paper! Guarantee some winning bets went missing after they got stung with sprinter sacre, phone twice to sort out what they were doing about it and was told someone would be in touch never heard from anyone till I phoned again and then got told nothing we can do for you no compensation in free bets or nothing so like it or lump it, so closed my account and will never use coral again, anyone thinking about using them think again and choose a much better rival

  8. I received special offer literature from Coral – Place a £10 bet on
    each 1st race at Cheltenham get a £10 free bet token on each
    ocassion. (4 £10 bets – get 4 £10 free bets)
    Also, place a £20 bet and get a free £20 token.
    I did all this – expecting to get £60 in free bets.
    It’s been almost a full week since Cheltenham and my online account
    only shows £20 in free bet tokens available.
    I’ve sent 4 messages, had 1 response from someone who did not seem
    able to grasp the problem. Hopeless!!

    • Your a clown, read terms and conditions, You can only have 1 ACTIVE free bet. So your others you didn’t recieve cause you didn’t use your original free bet!! Dumb arse

    • Corals offered on line to return 10 pound to account if 10 was placed on first race at the festival. I received a voucher My brother got the 10 for 2days. I queried this. Was told they can change offers at any time. I reminded him offer was still ongoing Then said offer should not have been made. 3rd day I got 10 refund plus voucher. I closed the account. Some of their telephone operators were rude or abrupt. No probs with bet365

  9. Thank goodness i read all these articles as i was about to open an account with Corals…will look elsewhere now thanks

  10. i had £7.50 on number 32 on online roullette with william hill number came in stated bets are on then no payment as tech error on my part they said but all the losing bets no error, never paid me to this day,

    • i am digusted with corals every bookmaker even the small one shop owners paid out on 5th place on the grand national i bet around £15 to £25 a day in your shop here in aberdeen but i wont be putting one more penny into your shop i will now go the few extra yards to ladbrooks to have my daily bet i bet 7 days a week so i guess ladbrooks will be happy to have me i can’t believe the geed of corals and as for that chap chris in bristol in mall my 50 years of betting when a bookmaker struck a bet no matter what they honoured it it was a gentlemans agreement shame on you corals

      • 50 years of walking around blind then. If a bet is placed with an incorrect price the bookmaker has to pay the correct price at time bet placed. EG 66/1 FOR A 6/1 shot is paid at 6/1. 5/1 for a 50/1 shot is paid at 50/1.

  11. i also will never ever use a coral betting shop again,i put an eachway horse bet on,they took my bet,my horse came second,but then they told me there was enough runners,the rule were on the wall,nearer to the cieling,infact the manergeress had to stand on a stool to read the out to me,the machine took the bet,the machine refused to pay out,you tak

    e these scamers to court.. ken southampton


      “the machine took my bet”

      all the machine does is take a “photo” of your bet – it doesn’t know what you have written – probably in a scribble like most betting shop customers – The staff then have to input your instructions into the system so the bet is settled.

      You should know fine well that less than 5 runners the each way terms are “ALL TO WIN”

      you are an idiot

      • If this is true that the staff have to imput the instructions can you answer my question? My 82 year old Dad puts a £90 bet on with Coral, he has bet all his life but unfortunately he has had a bout of illness and is loosing his marbles. They took his bet and the second part did not make any sense the horse names were not legible as he got confused when wrting it. He went back thinking he had won which he had on the first psrt which would of meant £360 going on his second part of the bet, (the bit which did not make sense) so they refused to pay him anything! why did they take the bet if it made no sense?

        • I work for coral bookmakers, and you should be able to get paid out on the single, no questions asked. Complain to IBAS if you don’t get anywhere 🙂 sorry this has happened!

  12. Had Al Wakra sports club to win earlier, was a cock up on their part. 7/1 when they were 2-1 ahead with 10 mins to go. They won but says the bet is lost…. wonder if i get a response!!!!

  13. You can right anything you want on a betting slip and it can be processed.Doesnt mean the bet stands,sometimes cashiers don’t have time to read every betting slip and its only when electronically getting translated mistakes are spotted.I actually think coral have been kind to pay him out £204,it’s probably only because the bloke went to the press basically showing everybody how stupid he is and thinking he can make up his own bets and put related bets in multiples.If people don’t know what their doing in a bookmakers they shouldn’t be in there wasting their money!

  14. The bloke made the error and is trying to turn it on coral.Not every betting slip can be read before being processed.Its only later on when being electronically translated that mistakes are seen and corrected.I could write Man Utd to beat QPR 1000/1 on a betting slip and it be scanned and my money taken,it doesn’t mean I’ll get paid those odds.
    Coral have actually been good in that they paid him £204.Its probably due to the bad publicity he has created for them.This whole case just points to the fact people are gambling when they don’t have a clue what their doing,gambling is hard enough anyway when you know what your doing.
    Before anyone claims I’m a bookie or work for coral I don’t,iv been fucked over by bookies before but this bloke certainly hasn’t had anything wrong done to him and coral have paid him out odds on a bet that doesn’t even exist!

  15. They are all the same,Bet fred refused to pay me on a 14 fc as it was 7 seconds too late,they took the bet and if it had lost i would have just walked out of the shop,they can do what they want,they make the rules.the money they make from racing and those stupid cartoon things not to mention the highly addictive roulette machines that ruin peoples lives who are looking for a quick buck,they make me sick.I almost forgot,Bet Fred complaints dept told me that they try to urge punters to check with staff that the bet was not too late on all losing bets just in case they are and a refund is due,SHUT UP,idiots

    • what are we supposed to do then? perhaps you shouldn’t wait until 7 seconds after the race before placing a bet on. the amount of customers that run up at the very last second is appauling.

      • perhaps you should lay the papers out accordingly, dogs near the counter, afternoon racing next including south African racing. But no, there isn’t the room you cry. Instead there is 4 machines in every shop regardless of room for the racing. Then instead of seeing dogs parading or horses down at the start, there is someone spouting off about something or other or another race on.

        Furthermore you have 1 person sat at the counter looking at their phone, not got the prices up on their screen for the latest race about to go off, while the other member of staff is on the phone, not in, doing a tidy up, having a fag or making a coffee.

        And as for the issue, it is possible to scan every bet with your eyes as you take it, you just need to be on the ball and doing the job well.

        • Every shop is set up a specific way, e.g. the papers, machines (This has nothing to do with the staff)
          Having 4 machines in a shop is what allows the shop to stay open as they mostly the things that make profit otherwise nowdays shops would be reduced and more people will be out of work. The TV’s aren’t controlled by staff members but their head offices.

          I agree staff member’s shouldn’t be on their phones at the counters. But having prices for the next race on there screens isn’t always possible as staff member’s get many requests for prices and other inquires.

          Staff members are allowed to smoke, if they’re having a fag keep in mind their taking a 5 minute break to do so, their not just going for one they actually have to take it off their allotted break time, Staff have to make coffee for customers to provide good customer service the same with shop tidies, otherwise people would be walking around in paper all day.

          If the shops busy and you have 6 people wanting to put on bets it isn;t possible to look at all bets you’re taking otherwise not all customers could possibly get on there valid bets.

          If Bookmakers paid better and treated their staff with a little more respect maybe they’d be on the ball and doing their job well.

          By the way I work for Corals, have so for 7 years now and it’s changed so much in that time.

      • This is a nuisence for every cashier,people moaning cos they missed say the 3.10 by seconds.well tough the shop has neen open since around 8.30 if ylou miss a net its ur fault hD plenty of time toget on!!!!

  16. Have you noticed how many people have a bet without knowing the rules. The original customer placed a bet on a first goalscorer scorecast. He incorrectly wrote the slip out. If the odds never existed for the bet he desired he should only have got his money back as the event actually was in effect a non runner. The other person who backed each way probably fails to tell you that a horse had been withdrawn after he placed his bet and therefore subject to less places. Please learn the rules, shop staff at times will be extremely busy and not notice the exact nature of your bet. It is your responsibility to know the rules.

    • That sounds like a betting shop staff anti customer attitude, which is commonplace. So many shop staff think that customers are the idiots but Id like to bet you that I can go in blindly to any shop in the country and know their rules better than at least 1 member of staff in that shop, just on the basis of logic and common sense.

      Ive got a £50 waiting for anyone who wants to take up this bet

  17. Ha ha yeah because corals would have really settled with the bloke if they thought they were right. You get some clowns on here you really do and how is the average man on the street going to know every rule that’s why they employ staff to help

  18. i think office for trade should investigate the case and hold em responsible for the mess and betrayed the clients also they should look at their machine who are rigged according to the experts because we have seen in horse racing where drugs are used in order to win a race such a styroid and machine drug used in bookies is more lethal they say randoom so it is time about this corrupt institution to clean their act

    • Should get a petition going, thousand of people get scammed by bookies, while big bosses most of them sitting in parliament, rubbing their hands, eating, drinking, having the very best on our behalf, Must be what all in it together means eh

  19. They did the same to me I asked for a price on a horse it won went to collect my money and they said no your having this price it shouldn’t of said that on the screen then her attitude was shocking telling me to shut why she explains coral are a very very poor bookmaker I stick to betting online with 365 best way

  20. At ladbrokes you can check the price of a horse at anytime through events maintainance . I’m sure other bookmakers have a similar system. And if there’s an error the price in the system at the time that the bet was put onto the system can be checked. I have given the wrong price in error at my shop but then altered it to give the correct price and then paid the customer the correct price at the acceptance of the bet. As punters you must remember that staff are under time pressure all day, how many of you run up at the off and then ask for a price, and when we give it to you then say it was a point higher when I walked up to the counter. Mistakes happen and it is quite possible that the cashier involved has had to go through disciplinary proceedings.

  21. April 20 th anon yeah the bloke showed how stupid he is by getting paid out £204 your the stupid one not him

  22. Took weeks many messages for Coral to honour my bingo winnings, so now I spend a very small amount with coral. Think the government should do something so punters, some who spends loads of money, get a good deal. think of it this way without punters bookies wouldn’t exsist !!!!!!

  23. I had a free £5 bet with coral and on the paper it said as long as you add £5 of your own money you get the free £5 bet. And you could even use the free bet and refund your own money.
    The bet never arrived so i had to email them and use 3 lots of my own £5 (£15 in total)
    Eventually they looked into and added the £5 bet which i was forced to use as they wouldnt refund it to me
    They then gve me £10 casino bonus. I won loads of money on the casino bonus ontop of what they had given me. They said i had to use the bonus first before i get my money – so i used £10 ( which is what they gave me and it kept saying i had to use the casino bonus) eventuqally was left with £10 left and they are now claiming this is their £10 which it isnt as i won alot more than that! so they have made me gamble away my winnings as they wouldnt budge on the matter

    • Ive had the same with coral they are a rip off i had a free casino bet of £10 won nearly £300 went to take the money out and was told that i hadnt used my free bet

  24. There is no such thing as a anytime scorecast and most gamblers know this.


    The ‘Scorecast’ market is predicting the First or Last player to score and the Correct Score in the same game. The following rules apply for ‘Scorecast’ markets:
    First or Last goal scorer must be specified at the time of bet acceptance, or the bet will settled on the First goal scorer.
    The ‘Scorecast’ price will be different from the Accumulator price for the two outcomes.
    If a selected player does not take the field before the first goals corer is known he will be considered a non-runner for ‘Scorecast’ settlement, the bet will be settled as a Correct Score Single.
    If the name of the winning team has been omitted from a ‘Scorecast’ bet, with no qualifying price laid, in all cases the correct scores will stand for the selected First goal scorer’s team (For example: a win Double: Rooney & 3-2, will be settled on Rooney to score the first goal and Man United to win the match 3-2).”

  25. Reference comment June 13th 2013, people who don’t know how to bet should generally stay away from betting shop. What a crap statement – has he or her not digested the previous comments made to identify what this is all about ?

  26. Reference comment June 13th 2013, people who don’t know how to bet should generally stay away from betting shop. What a crap statement – has he or her not digested the previous comments made to identify what this is all about ?

    • Reference comment made June 23rd at 10.24 pm, chris could not have placed a bet in error, otherwise Corals would NOT have payed him an ex-cratia payment of £204 (would have only paid his stake of £1 as a void bet), trust me Corals don’t give nothing away if they can get away with it. So makes your comment incorrect, they know they messed up.

  27. Reference comment June 23 AT 10.24 pm fact is Chris got an ex-gratia payment of £204 from Corals (not his return stake of £1, which shows Corals guilt and the fact they messed up), trust me Corals wont normally give a penny more than they have to. So makes your statement incorrect.

    • do you know what “ex-gratia” means i.e. a voluntary payment. They were doing the customer a favour and perhaps educating every else that read the story to the fact that few (if any) high street bookies do anytime scorecasts. This is because its not as profitable as the first scorer / correct score double (scorecast) and would take ages for them to price up. People are just upset with losing and there is an assumption that bookies do not wish to pay out even though they adhere to the law.

      ADVICE – when placing a sports bet ALWAYS ask for a price , this cuts out any error in time , price and whether or not the market is available! Astounds me that people would place a bet and not know what their returns will be if they win.

      • Funny statement made 12 august 2013 @ 5.13 pm.
        Firstly yes I do know what a ”ex gratia”payment is, this so say voluntary payment is just a way around the fact they messed up – to smooth over the fact(trying to meet chris half way).
        Second point your so say ADVICE – my personal experience the vast majority of times when asking for the price the bookie assistant will ask where you got the odds and put this on the ticket or just say the computer shows the odds (this in part the the problem as the computer odds are not always compatible the the tv screened odds – their system errors) – so what chance do punters have.

        • ex gratia payment = A sum of money paid when there was no obligation or liability to pay it.

          if they were doing their job properly or if punters were not in such a “rush” all the time then these problems wouldnt happen. Also if the bookies paid more the workers might care more haha

          • Reference anonymous statement August 20 @2.27pm, the interpretation of your Ex gratia suggestion,and what the vast majority of people viewing these comments differs (I stand by my original statement Corals messed up and this was a payment to smooth over their error).
            Secondly fair enough most punters are in a rush (don’t blame this on the individuals that bet, its just the way this crap society works, Bokkies also don’t help the cause – you enter the shop, how much hyper activity is being displayed, loud machines or bookie presenters that don’t really know what they are talking about, this is killing off the industry).
            Finally yes the bookies do pay crap wages, maybe this contributes to the frequently bad service provided.

  28. Betting shop staff don’t have time etc., in reality most staff don’t have the knowledge. I expect loads of staff moaning about how busy they are. Truth is most know next to nothing. Personal experiences of late, ladbrokes taking my non league football bets for months telling me bet was ok, refuse to pay winner saying don’t cover that league, feeds staff (including manager) too busy playing on they’re phones to find footie handicap price hours before kick off, corals not aware of what a stop at a winner bet is, then once advised and accepted unable to pay out I’m shop for hours as no one authorised to manually settle.
    It’s not generally the staffs fault. Pay next to minimum wage and expect to make a fortune.

  29. When it comes to bookies you take your choice.Some 2 months ago I went into the Ladbrokes means of dialogue(phone,email,letter)to ask as to why they have so many screens displaying promos,adverts etc(when incidently these are on inshop posters)instead of current events such as horserace match bets,tennis,snooker next game match bets,all I got on the phone was ‘We’re look into it’& no response to letter or emails.The Ladbrokes site is now so long winded to how it was that I don’t bother.As a punter I always make sure the bet is correct & the staff read & understand it.Yes I do do this as often as possible when they’re are busy.They want the business then they give it the full attention.Good luck all.

  30. Prior to 2007, a bet used to be a “gentleman’s agreement” But after the Gambling act was introduced they are now legally binding contracts.

    For a price to be valid it has to be circled AND signed by the staff member. However rules are in place to cover any errors. You simply CANNOT teach staff EVERYTHING in one day, and in a busy shop it’s too easy to just fire a bet through the till without looking (especially when you have 5 people running up all wanting to bet on the same race thats seconds from going off.

    This bet is not allowed because it’s a RELATED CONTINGENCY – i.e one part of the bet having an impact on the outcome of the other. They do offer Wincast prices on some matches.

    a customer can’t simply write down anything on a slip and expect to be paid

    • anytime scorecasts dont exist,punter probo knew this when striking the bet but thought he could pull a fast one,even first goalscorer scorecasts are much reduced odds so all in all a crap bet

  31. Yes totally out of order, but we all know where they originate from and freeloading is not in their vocabulary..I bet Hunter Mayhan with old Joe at 18-1, Mayhan walked off, and so did old joe with my dough. Paddy Power refunded all bets, but it all fell on deaf ears with Joe..know where I will be punting in the future. Hope Mayhan never wins another tournament in his life.!

  32. Working in the bookmaking industry it is shocking how few ‘punters’ actually know the rules whilst throwing their money away. The bet in question is a related double, and therefor not accepted, unless it is subject to a specific market, on this occassion, a wincast bet, which are normally available at odds of between 6/4 and 8/1, obviously dependant on the respective prices of the team to win and player to score. However I have never heard of a ‘correct score wincast.’ Had I accepted this bet, the translation would have been as follows… Player to score anytime 50p single, team to win 3-0. 50p single in accordance with my understanding of the rules. This customer has done well to receive £204! My advice to all punters is to know the rules before you place a bet, as no matter who you bet with, bets are accepted subject to the companies rules, and this will be displayed on your betting slip.

    • As I was reading the thread this is how I saw the bet… 2 x 50p singles at 5/1 and 80/1.. So he should have picked up £43.50.. Which is circled on the slip btw.

    • As I was reading the thread this is how I saw the bet… 2 x 50p singles at 5/1 and 80/1.. So he should have picked up £43.50.. Which is circled on the slip btw.

  33. Wish all the punters who lost the lot when Hunter Mayhan decided to go AWOL boycotted them as well!….Best advertising job Paddy Power has ever done.

  34. i had a irish tote pick 6 win bet, the bet was written on ladbrokes pick 6 win sheets. all the pick 6 and placepot tickets in lads print out with placepot on the top of the official receipt. I queried it with the shop assstant and was assured it was in the win market. However when the 6 horses won, lads refused to pay and said it was a placepot. RIP off merchants. the court case will make pleasant reading. i am going for the juggular big time.

  35. I am an Australian on-course bookie , our rules are if I make a mistake , bad luck , if I write the ticket and take the cash I have to pay. One night , I stuffed up and bet 8/1 about a 1/2 shot , that won. That’s part of why the punter pays to go to the track , they love to beat us.

    Coral would not get away with this in Aussie , would lose their license.

  36. Steve the Aussie bookie again , for us , hand written tickets are almost a thing of the past , all metropolitan bookies must issue a clear computer ticket , only bookies over 70 on small country tracks handwrite any more. This mistake could not happen in Australia.

  37. i can top all of this (unfortunately) i got a 50% deposit match with one of the US online casinos about 5 years ago and whilst playing a slot machine “won” one of the bonus prizes of $10,000 but then came the problems. As i had won it with bonus funds they refused to let me withdraw the money and in the small print of page 998(we note quite but is was buried away) it says you cannot be paid more than 4 times the amount of your bonus funds which was only $100 so they only paid me $400 out of the $10k and kept the rest..If that wasnt bad enough they had they cheek a few days later to put on their home page “User PKK from Sussex UK won $10k playing jackpot 7s”!. If this had been a UK company i wold have saught legal advice but being US based it just wasnt worth the stress.

  38. CORAL ARE A JOKE OUTIFT…Never bet with them!!!. They should have honoured the bet anyway, and told the staff the rules properly. He would have won about £150 anyway!

    What a miserable company!

    Also remember that all the bookies base themselves outside of the UK mainland etc, for tax and legal reasons so they don’t have to comply with British law (regardless of what they tell you!)

  39. Not been in any local bookies for ages, always bet online, full of junkies, alcoholics, and the sort of people I don’t really want to be associated with in a small room.

    As for this guys bet, the bet was wrong but am glad he got something out of them. Why on earth are people defending bookies, don’t you know, even if it’s wrong he is right, as it works the other way many times over.

  40. I just took 6k off corals and closed the account!!

    They put a limit on the account as they were losing too much!! Lol jokers

  41. As soon as all shop punters realise they can get better odds on line with the exchanges, such as Betfair, then we can finally see the end of awful tight trading firms like Corals who treat some customers disrespectfully. Wise up everyone, and don’t take Corals, Hills or Ladbrokes skinny odds, even if they sometimes do take your bet, and start taking true odds on the exchanges, and keep away from their FOBT terminals and we can see the end of firms like these!

  42. Going back some years i had a £10 lucky 31, 4 winners and a £3 heinz 5 winners, same 4 winners and new seeker which also won but also had marriage values in both bets which lost , had both bets with corals it was a royal ascot bet when flashy wings , azamour , westerner , iffraaj all won . took prices which included 5-1 on iffraaj but when i went to collect and it was the around £30 grand they had give me 9-4 on iffrajj saying the 5-1 never existed it was computer error , although it was a member of staff that wrote all the prices down off the boards which i witnessed all to be correct ? . It made a difference to my bet of quite a few thousand , i asked what price they was they told me 4-1 but i couldnt have that price ? although on previous ante post bets they told me the price of the horse will go on when you place the bet ? i guess this is only the case when it suits them . So i wrote to ibas who replied . ( Although we are extremely surprised by corals stance on this matter they cant force them to give me the 4-1 which was the correct price and i had to settle for 9-4 . I still got the betting slips as a reminder of how corals treat there punters and it still angers me to this day , they even stopped taking my bets cos i won and banned me . The staff at the time were in no way to blame they couldnt apologise enough and were really nice it was all head office or whoever they phone to settle bets ? . I now look back noing what i no now and wish i took it further , maybe wrote to channel 4 and got there team involved , but i had never won anything like that amount of money before and was struggling at the time so i couldnt wait and have it dragged out . A mistake on my part yes , a disgraceful attitude and decision by Corals also YES

  43. i placed a bet with corals sat28th on the cambrigeshire i backed graphic each way ,i saw the price go to 16 to one on the board and backed it,went to collect only paid me at odds of 14 to one,they sad the price had altered between 16 s and 14 teens in seconds ,but it only altered once when it went to 16 to one ,and was on straight away ,last time i back in corals the cheats ,

    • That’s wrong even with a 10 second change they still could have given you the 16/1 as Coral staff are allowed to put late odds on a bet as long as it’s within 20 seconds of the price change. (But I guess it depends if you get a nice member of staff who will do this for you as they are not obligated to do so but they should have at the very least informed you the odds had changed in-case you no longer wanted the bet.)

  44. Was in a similar situation with coral where the worker behind the counter gave me incorrect odds on a winning bet which they refused to pay out on, they are useless and ladbrookes constantly have better odds!

  45. Hi Guys, need some advice please. I set up a Coral account online last night placed a bet as you do,then I checked my Email to find Coral have frozen my bet and account. I phoned them to see why,they told me that I have to send them some more proof of id. Now Coral are saying that the odds have changed on my bet. I guess what i am asking you guys is, can they do this?

  46. They got the odds wrong on a boxing acca i done and refused to pay what was wrote down and the other day some bloke from corals phoned saying if i put on a bet between 10 and 50 they would match it as a free bet. Never did. Never use them again bet365 all the way

  47. Stan James sp one time refused to pay my NBA winsw…Ibas does mediate…online bookies can ask for further I’d and vq but odds should be at the time of bet

  48. If you think you are right then take the bookmaker to the small claims court. Let a judge decide (or the bookmaker back down). It’s a waste of time discussing the ins and outs on here. Most of you saddos should be giving away your family allowances and payday loans anyway rather than spending valuable gambling time on this forum….

  49. I realise this is frustrating but if you are all boycotting corals, a new paddy power has just opened in trowbridge, they actually know how to treat customers and are very generous too. I encourage everyone to use them, I wouldn’t use anyone else.

  50. i won 400 pounds in corals 2 weeks ago the guy didnt count it directly in front of me then plonked it on the counter in ten pound notes and said its all there mate ,i then walked off stupidly without checking the amount which i normally do.i then went to the post office to get £200 of euros for my trip to barcelona when the remaining ten pound notes looked rather thin,i counted the money and it came to £300.i went back to tell them the person in charge said he would check the safe ,then he said it all tallied up ,i said can you count it again,he said no,and then he said i knew the guy who gave me the money was a new starter thats why i tried to screw him over,there was then an arguement for a short period i was then told to complain to coral customer care which i did.the lady in customer care listened to my story,she said the area managerwas the only person who could access the cctv footage.i waited 3 days,she then phoned and said there was nothing to report,i protested and she just repeated what she had said before,to which i replied what is the point in you,she repeated the same words again ,at this point i hung up before i started swearing.i dont know what my next step will be,solicitor?theres one thing i know i am £100 down and very angry.

  51. Coral roulette is even worse , being a regular casino and games player I tried Coral for the first time 14 blacks in a row ha ha yeah right, our machines are regulated as I was told by a call centre employee when asked what kind of odds of that happening

  52. Coral are a terrible outfit, they didn’t refund bets on the “Who will light the Olympic flame 2012” market after it was not any of those sportspeople listed on their market, when all the other bookies did.

    They don’t notify you of “palpable error odds” and just place the bets at new lower odds, even if you tell them to cancel the bets before the event has taken place.

  53. If the bet was accepted by the bookkeeper and the stake was fully paid then it is a legal contract. All he needs to do is take them to court and stick to his guns. They will throw all sorts legal argument and lawyers at him to try to frighten him in to backing down but at the end of the day the law will come down on his side. Contrary to popular belief small print terms and conditions cannot be used to back out of a contractual agreement unless the client broke broke one of the terms of sale, which is not the case here. A clause saying we reserve the right not to pay if we made a mistake is unlawful because the right not to pay under those circumstances does not exist under English law. The act of accepting the payment binds a betting company to honer the agreement in the same way as it does an insurance company. They cannot just refuse to pay because they did not think they would have to and then say that they should not have accepted it in the first place. That is professional incompetence and could not be used as a defense in law. If it could large companies would wriggle out of deals all the time.

  54. I won a bet with coral on line and they wouldnt honour it. They said exactly the same, that it was taken in error. Coral are the lowest of the low.

  55. There is a gambling commissioner you can go to – ie an independent ombudsman – or at least there is for on line gaming. It’s worth contactng the office of fair trading/Trading Standards Office at Bristol City Council (ie for Fishponds, or South Glos Council, is better, since you live in Kingswood. Good luck. You would have a good case in the small claims court (Bristol)

  56. Corals never paid out on besting in play because the odds Quoted were not the prices according to corals anyway I used to bet with corals at least two hundred (thousand) per year maybe more not any more I go to w hill in Christchurch coral sad I miss my local shop and staff however the brain dead head office managers spoke to me like a mug who is the mug know w hill are two hundred grand better off each year sorry somerford shop

  57. Happened to me as well on Saturday 30th Dec 2013
    Staff in Ludlow Coral shop made a mistake putting on my bet on “their system” and despite the slip stating plain as day the terms they refuse to pay it correctly.
    Been round the houses with management ! in customer care team since Saturday !!
    Will take out civil action as unable to get any sense , consistency or truth from the “customer care team”

  58. My gawd u british/english people care waaaaaaaaaay too much about betting, when ur using lingo the way u are & openly telling people on the net how long u’ve been placing bets, makes u look like u’ve got a bit of a…how do I say it… GAMBLING PROBLEM! Who the fuck cares, really? I dont even kno how I came across u pathetic basterds, clearly not getting any from ladies like me, so u have to rant n rave about bets. Silly, & a little pathetic dont u think.

    Just my opinion, from a wee Canadian girl, get some perspective boys.

  59. Wwho has had a bet win , and when going to the bookies to collect your winnings have been told by the staff that they haven’t enough cash to pay you , or you will have to wait a while till the safe opens , surely this is fraud , they take your money then tell you they cant pay you out when you want it . Do you think they would be okay if you placed a bet then told them you would pay later when you have been to the bank

  60. I spoke to someone from Coral about these situations, as similar things have happened to me eg: on a horse race, they have taken my bet, I have a bet slip but the race was ‘just off’ and they refuse payment saying my bet was placed to late. Coral use the phrase ‘taken in good faith’ to describe these events. Looking at the dictionary definition of the term good faith implies that if they don’t pay out on the bet they think I tried to get the bet on dishonestly. Funnily enough, I have had many losers over the years that were placed just after the ‘off’ and some a bit more than just after the off if I’m in a queue, and never once has a member of staff come and called me back to the counter to give me my money back.

  61. so if an employee was a retard and believe me theres alot wrote down a million/1 they should honour it? no chance, the odds for that would of been about 20/1 at most but most bookies dont do anytime scorecasts.

  62. It is called the law of contract. There has to be an offer and acceptance , which there was in this case. Instead of bleating about it, he should just go down his local county court ( or online at Northampton ) and sue Coral in the small claims court for his winnings.

  63. So I’m just curious as another victim,when I place a bet and it doesn’t come off…. By Corals rules I can walk in and say errrrm oh dear,I’m afraid I’ve been slightly incompetent and placed the wrong bet,can I have my money back because it was human error on my part. Put betting shops with banks,casinos,politicians and police!!! The most successful criminals in the world

  64. I can’t believe all the muppets here that are supporting the bookies against the little man. No wonder the bookies are so rich, bunch of morons.

  65. simple solution. don’t bet! everything is in favour of the bookies anyway. you will never beat them the odds are stacked against you. They will always find an excuse not to pay out on bets taken in error, they will never man up and say ok we value your custom and we make millions each year so what’s a few hundred to one customer its our error we hold our hands up! OH NO we are greedy bookmakers and we want all your money no matter how we can get it because we will always win because mathematically the odds are against the poor pathetic punter who can see beyond their dreams

  66. Its very simple. That slip is a legally binding contract contestable in court. When he was given the slip, Coral were legally binding themselves to the written terms upon it, namely the bet itself. They should payout. What is the point in the rules if they just break them?

  67. Hope you get I had the same shit first goal scorer & Celtic. Collins first goal &celtic to win /2/1 as I stay in a wee town I fold them I’m going local paper thay right on phone /back with since you one of our good costamers wee pay up never been in the shop in my life goodLUCK

  68. look at the window behind him …a £10 scorecast returns only £280 … so his bet is a load of bollox …and I’ve never been in a bookies that write return you’d get on a slip …me thinks he’s rote stuff on his slip himself… handwriting dont match up !!

  69. Get real man how in the workd would that price apply to that bet…. Its an invalid bet stake should be split between the 3-0 and anytime scorer…… Your a knacker for writing that bet out anyone with an ounce of sense would of realised that! I worked for ladbrokes and hate all bookies but still that is down to the punters stupidity… Bet it was placed on a busy saturday and he probably realised that the odds were far to high for that bet but simply tried to get one over…. I have seen it loads

  70. Sorry , bookies are very honest operators, they have to be.staff can accept bets in error but the punter must realise they are responsible for understanding the rules.corals cannot pay otherwise this could backfire on them at a later date.

  71. I have done all verification checks and the operator dial betting at coral on line bookmakers WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO OPEN A ACCOUNT – i have sent all correct information SAY FINAL DECISSION NO ACCOUNT WITHOUT EXPLANATION..


    How do they get customers then druggys in their shops it a joke.

  72. I would have went to the ombudsman, gambling commission. If it is not in their contract, then you have a case, and take it further national, make sure the managing director knows this. I am sure they would rather pay up, than have a scandal on their hand, for something that they done in error, the fact that they are willing to even pay you something even says that it is a flaw, at their end, not yours. don’t leave it.

  73. As A young man 16 years old I worked in betting shop .But then it was called a bookies during my summer holidays when at college I am not surprised that the bookie would not pay out .Moral don’t bet it is a mugs game .The bookie always wins keep you money I never sen a poor bookie

  74. As A young man 16 years old I worked in betting shop .But then it was called a bookies during my summer holidays when at college I am not surprised that the bookie would not pay out .Moral don’t bet it is a mugs game .The bookie always wins keep you money I never sen a poor bookie and I never said that before

  75. On Saturday in the Cesarewitch, it stated that Corals were offering first 5 in the betting = guess what my horse finished fifth and they wouldn’t pay out – they said the bets are only valid on their Connect cards – another big con by a company who rakes in millions every week! If you can pay first 5 on the Connect cards and online betting why deprive a lot of punters who bet in the shops the chance of winning a few quid. The pay out wouldn’t have been a lot but it is the principle of the thing. I noticed Hills were paying first 6 on the race in their shops. Good on them. From now on I’m off to Hills. Corals can go and do one. They don’t deserve supporting.

  76. As a cashier in a Coral bookies i always circle the price and initial it if I’m asked for a price, but that does not necessarily guarantee the price for the punter as the they will only get the price when the slip is flashed into the system. unfortunately the odds can change in an instance which can often lead to a disgruntled punter, but on the other hand if the odds have increased they will aways get the better price, so it works both ways.

  77. I recently played Coral online slots and 3 bonus games failed to load. I reported this to customer service who forwarded it to Technical Dept. Surprise, surprise they found no errors and I was conned out of a win. could of been small could of been big i will never know.They will atke your money and then con you out of some when it is there fault. Coral will never get one penny of me. They are conning punters out of money but get away with it. DONT PLAY ONLINE SLOTS !!! CON !!!

  78. I’ve never had a problem with them not paying out on a bet but have had issues with them as a bookmaker. They are tight as far as odds go. They say they offer things like first 5 places in certain handicaps then say its fifth the odds. Surely they cannot do this – I have been betting on horses for 30 years and everyone knows a handicap of 16 or more runners pays 1/4 the odds not 1/5. Corals are a poor bookmaker in more ways than one. Their fobts like all bookies are fixed for them to win not the punter.

    Take my advice stay away from Corals – this football punter should have been paid – they took the bet so they should pay out- its not exactly a fortune to the profits they make


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