Boy sent election polling card – aged SIX


A mother was stunned after her son was sent a polling card to vote in the General Election – despite being aged just SIX.

Nicola Mellet says the official document arrived at her home inviting her son Ciaran to the polls on May 6.

The card was addressed to Ciaran, who is in his first year at primary school, and features his personal details and a registration number.

British law states that to be eligible to vote in a UK parliamentary election a person must be aged 18 or over.

Nicola, of Tiverton in Devon, said she was ”highly amused” when it was posted through the door of her home last week.

She said: ”He doesn’t know anything about politics at all. He’s only six years old and in his first year at primary school.

”When my husband and I received our polling cards, Ciaran’s came through the door as well, which he thought was very funny, but he just thought somebody was sending him a postcard.

”According to the card, he can cast a vote. I will take him to the desk at the polling station but the chances are he won’t get his voting slip.”

Kevin Finan, acting returning officer for Mid Devon District Council, said Ciaran’s details would be crossed off the register.

He said: ”I know there’s been a push to get younger people interested in voting, but not six-year-olds. We take great care to ensure we only send voting papers to people on the electoral register.

”This little boy’s details will be crossed off the register at the polling station, just in case he was tempted to cast a vote – which, by the way, would be breaking the law.”


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