BMW drivers are Britain’s angriest motorists


BMW drivers were today named and shamed as Britain’s angriest motorists.
BMW drivers are the UK's angriest motorists

Motorists who own the flashy German built cars are more likely to tailgate, flick the finger and speed than anyone else on the road, a poll revealed.

More than half of all drivers said they had suffered a ‘bad experience’ at the hands of a BMW driver.

Much-maligned white van men came second in the poll, followed by Audi drivers and those who own Fords and Land Rovers.

Other motorists to make the top ten included Vauxhall drivers who were seventh. Drivers of Range Rovers, Volkswagen and Mercedes complete the list.

The study of 3,000 motorists also showed 17 per cent of people have had a bad experience with another motorist in the past week.

Lee Griffin, chief operating officer at, said: ”Traditionally the white van man is stereotyped as a bad driver, but this is no longer the case.

”Although the white van man still features highly on the list, he has been well and truly over taken by BMW drivers – who Brits consider rude, dangerous and bad tempered.

”It is interesting to discover that lorry drivers come in at number six – as this shows you don’t have to drive particularly fast to scare other people on the road.

”Lorry drivers have a top speed of 60mph, but if you have one tailgating you it can be very intimidating.”


1. BMW
2. White van
3. Audi
4. Ford
5. Land Rover
6. Lorry
7. Vauxhall
8. Range Rover
9. Volkswagen
10. Mercedes

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