Black Sabbath cover singer gets same cancer as star Tony Iommi


A musician in a Black Sabbath tribute band is battling the same form of cancer as the rockstar he has spent years portraying.

Brave Jon Payne has been diagnosed with lymphoma cancer  – mirroring his Black Sabbath idol Tony Iommi – who is also fighting the disease.

And just like the megastar, Jon is determined the show must go on and has pledged to continue touring with his band ”From Sabbath to Hell”.

Jon, of Bewdley, Worcestershire, said: ”One thing I thought when I found out was that we were trying to be the most authentic Sabbath band around – and as Iommi got cancer, I got it too.”

Doctors found a “shadow” on his colon last week and he immediately pledged to fit injections, a colonoscopy and laser surgery around his upcoming tour dates.

Jon, who has already beaten testicular cancer, said: “They’ve caught it at stage one so after this treatment, it is a matter of having a weekly injection.

”That’s good is because our gigs are generally on the weekend so I’ve got all week to recover from the treatment.”


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