Bin the Brussels and Feast of Leeks this Xmas


leekWith Brussels Sprouts looking to be in short supply this Christmas and farmers reporting up to 60% of their crop has been lost due to an influx of diamondback moths which have ravaged the vegetable. The obvious alternative for a Christmas green this year is the British Leek. Seasonal, home grown and delicious, what could be a better accompaniment to your festive turkey, duck or goose?

Eating locally grown, seasonal produce becomes a challenge during the autumn and winter months, when the British climate means that few native vegetables are available.

However, the leek is one vegetable that is at its best during the coldest months of the year and because it’s packed with nutrients and crucial anti-oxidants will help stave off winter colds and flu too.

A favourite food of the Romans, leeks are lauded in the Bible (Book of
Numbers), have been eaten by saints (St. David), worn by the Welsh into battle and are said to possess mystical qualities.

So, if you’re looking for a delicious, nutritious and seasonal food to see you through the Christmas period. Something that can be roasted, baked or braised and has a sweet taste and a smooth texture – then the British Leek is for you!

Festive Leek Recipe: Leeks Tossed in Butter with Chestnuts, Black Pepper and Streaky Bacon

Serves 4
Prep 10 minutes
Cook 10 minutes

Cost £4.50 (for four)

400g of leeks sliced
50g unsalted butter
100g smoked streaky bacon lardons
200g chestnuts roughly chopped
Salt and cracked black pepper

1. Heat a medium sized frying pan then add the butter and lardons. Cook until the lardons start to release some fat, turn up the heat and cook the lardons until they start to colour, about 5 minutes
2. Add the chestnuts and leeks. Cook for a further 5 minutes
3. Season with salt and plenty of black pepper and then serve

For more delicious, seasonal leek recipes and to learn more about this most versatile of vegetables


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