Biggest causes of office arguments revealed


The question ‘Who is making the tea?’ is the biggest cause of office arguments, a study found today.

Research revealed six out of ten fall-outs in the workplace are caused by a dispute over whose round it is.

Sarcastic comments emerged as the second most likely trigger followed by rudeness in third place.

Lateness was fourth while unfair distribution of praise also featured on the list.

Yesterday a spokesman for OnePoll, which carried out the research among 3,000 employees, said: ”Tea-making can be a touchy subject and it is one many people fall out over

”Accusations of taking tea but not making tea are common place and often staff refuse to make a brew for people they have fallen out with.

”Sarcasm is also a major bug-bear for workers and is guaranteed to rub colleagues up the wrong way.”

The study also revealed there are on average two minor spats a day in offices. And it appears women are more likely to fall out with someone they work with than men.

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