Best Tips to Winning Real Money in Blackjack


Blackjack is one of the most popular card games which provides entertainment and can offer its players a chance to win some money. However, this games isn’t all about winning as you can easily lose your “lucky wins” if you play without any tactics or strategies in mind.

Here we’ll discuss the ins and outs of the game, as well as how you can increase your winning chances. After all, don’t we all want to win?

Before we discuss the rules of the game, it’s important to remember to first of all choose a reputable casino to play in, if you don’t, even if you follow all the rules and make all the right moves it won’t make a difference as the game will be unfair to begin with. A good place to start playing is online but before you do, make sure the site of your choice is a good one by first reading up and researching it on reputable sites such as which has an extensive list of legitimate online casinos they have reviewed.

1. Liberal Playing rules only.

There are a lot of considerations to make when it comes to playing blackjack. But the first one you should always bear in mind is to only play on tables that pay 3-2. This means that you need to avoid games which features 6-5 blackjack. As much as possible, go for liberal playing rules so that you won’t lose any money.

Another good example of liberal rules is when a dealer stands on a soft 17. This lets a player double down on any random two cards. You can even double even after pair splitting. Also, take note that it’s better to have fewer decks than many. The winning chances are higher if you go for single or double deck games, compared to its six or eight-deck counterparts.

2. Avoid insurance wagers.

Avoid insurance wagers as much as possible. These might sound alluring, but take note that all insurances are considered as sucker bets. It’s just like betting for a dealer that holds a ten-value down card to go head to head with an Ace upcard. This is nothing short of catastrophe as you’re giving that person a blackjack. Insurance bets can pay 2-1, but odds are way worse than 2-1.  Always decline any insurance offer from dealers.

3. Use strategy cards.

Strategy cards might be an obvious tip, but believe us or not, this is one handy guide to bring with you in your every blackjack game. Even experts bring this so that they’ll have something to refer to. Blackjack is all about making good and correct decisions, and you’re more likely to decide properly if you’ve got a strategy card with you.

And don’t worry about violating any rules because these are legal in all casinos, whether brick-or-mortar or online. Just make sure that you hold it for the entirety of the game, though. Don’t place it at the game table, unless you want to be kicked out of the game.

4. Say no to progressive bets.

Never size your bets depending on your previous hand’s outcome. This is a big no-no if you’d want to increase your winning chances. You can bet more, but be sure that there are more high-valued cards compared to the low-valued consitutents.

5. Follow the Oscar System.

The Oscar system is another sure-fire way to lower your chances of losing. Increase your bet by one chip if you win a hand. But if you lose, then just stick to the same amount that you’ve bet previously. Save your winnings in the session and don’t bring it all out the next. An example of this will be to bet only on two chips if you’re down by a single chip.


The game of blackjack is undeniably fun. However, if you want to have “fun” with the game really, then the best thing to do is to play blackjack with real money. And doing that needs lots of strategies and tactics.

Well, you’ll fare well with the former and latter by following the tips mentioned in this article. Just remember always to stay witty and have presence of mind. Being smart is key to winning big money in blackjack.


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