Barbie loving woman colours all her belongings PINK – including her house, car and caravan

Sally Owen loves pink so much, she painted her terraced house in it, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, April 3, 2019.

Wacky Sally Owen has brightened up her life by colouring all her possessions – including her house, car and even pots and pans – bright PINK.

The 48-year-old’s modest village home is now a tourist hotspot after having the garish makeover.

She loves the colour so much, every one of her belongings is pink, including her car, caravan, hair, and even her cups and saucers.

Her obsession even extends to her meals, with her favourite food being prawn cocktail washed down with rose wine.

The mum-of-one, nicknamed “Pinky”, is a well known figure in her home village of Linton, Derbys.

Her partner, bus driver Jason Dodds, 51, has embraced her love of everything pink and even gave her a brightly coloured Mazda MX5 at Christmas.

Sally, who runs a pet auction, said: “You’ve got to put a bit of colour in your life and mine is just pink.

“I always wear pink. Everything’s pink.

“It’s just my favourite colour.

“I’ve got a vintage caravan that’s pink, it’s all pink inside.

“There’s nothing wrong with it.

“We had been living in our house for five years when one day I thought it needed a change to brighten it up.

“All the houses around here are a bit samey and I was determined that ours would stand out.

“I bought a dark shade of pink masonry paint from B&Q and slapped it on the walls.

“It came out much brighter and colourful than I’d even hoped for. It’s a good job the neighbours are good friends.

“I just love the colour, I have always liked it. I thought why not? My partner doesn’t mind.

“Jason did get a bit of stick at work at first but they are used to it now. He wears pink as well sometimes.

“I am having some hanging baskets made and I have specified that they need to be big and pink.

“It does get a lot of smiles.

“The house brightens the area up a bit and I don’t think there is a problem.

“It does get a lot of reaction, especially from children, and people park across the road so they can have their photo take with it – I never expected my obsession to turn my house into a tourist spot.

“They used to knock to ask first but I don’t mind.

“If it makes them happy then I am happy with that.

“The front room is pink. I have unicorn pink kitchen and a pink garden, bedroom and caravan.”

Jason said: “I think it’s great. I don’t mind living in a pink Barbie universe. If it makes Sally happy then I’m happy.

“I sometimes get odd looks when I drive her car into town but I think it’s funny.”


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