Banksy creates The Simpsons opening credits


Banksy, the world famous graffiti artist, has created the opening credits for an episode of long-running American cartoon The Simpsons.

The elusive artist, from Bristol, is the first personality to come up with a starting sequence for the legendary show.

Banksy’s effort is political and dark – giving a sinister portrait of Springfield while depicting a creepy underbelly for the Simpsons’ merchandising business.

The credits open with a three-eyed bird flying with a Banksy rat in its mouth before zooming in on two of the show’s troublesome teenages sawing the head off the Jebediah Springfield statue in the town centre.

Banksy added an extra minute of animation for the opening credits which showed sweat shop workers creating stills under horrible conditions, live cats used as the filling of Bart Simpson dolls and pandas used to tow cart of products around the dungeon-like factory.

However, the episode, titled MoneyBART, is a little more upbeat with Lisa managing Bart’s little league baseball team – and using statistics and probabilities to lead the team on an amazing winning streak.

Banksy, whose real name and identity is shrouded in mystery, is the one of the world’s most famous artists having left his distinctive graffiti all over the globe – including the West Bank barrier in Israel.

His work is a favoured by celebrities with the likes of Kate Moss and Angelina Jolie collectors of his art.

MoneyBART airs on Sky 1 on October 21.



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