Bald dog covered in warts is struggling to find a new home

Fifi the rescue dog.

A rescue centre is hoping a family can love a bald and spotty dog – warts and all.

Fifi is a seven-year-old Chinese Crested who came into the care of Dogs Trust through no fault of her own.

The unusual breed is known for its lack of hair, but Fifi is also covered in small warts and staff fear her odd appearance is putting off potential adopters

Dogs Trust Kenilworth, in Warwickshire, describe Fifi as an “adorable, sweet and affectionate” family pet who just wants to be fussed over.

Fifi the rescue dog with canine carer Hannah Blanchard.

Claire Row, deputy manager, said: “Poor Fifi isn’t catching anyone’s eye at the moment and we’re hoping to find someone who can see past her looks and offer her a ‘furever’ home.

“We think she is adorable and hope she won’t continue to be overlooked just because she looks a little different.

“The way she looks certainly doesn’t bother her – she’s so sweet and affectionate and all she really wants is to have lots of fuss.”

Fifi has long fur around her head but the rest of her body is mainly bald and she has the warts, which do not affect her health.

The Chinese Crested is one of the most unusual looking dog breeds – and other Chinese Cresteds have regularly been ranked among the world’s ugliest pets.

There is conflicted history on the breed. It is thought they could date back as far as 13th Century China, while others believe they originated in Africa and were taken to China by ancient traders.

Fifi the rescue dog.

The Chinese Crested Club of Great Britain describe the breed as striking, fun, unusual, intelligent, loyal and mischievous.

Fifi is around middle-aged, with the Chinese Crested having a life expectancy of around 12 years.

Claire Row added: “She is such a friendly girl who loves sitting on your lap for cuddles.

“She prefers the quiet life and is looking for a home where she will be the only pet as she prefers all the attention on herself but she could possibly live with older teenagers who will take things slowly with her.

“She’ll make the perfect pet in the right home with a loving owner who finds her quirky looks as appealing as we do.”


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