Award win recognises excellence in mobile design and advances in access to patient care


designAmpersand & Ampersand (A&A) today announced that it has won aDesign 100 Silver Award for Healthcare for its work with King’s College Hospital NHS Trust (KCH).

With the aim of granting ‘recognition across the design spectrum’ and to ‘celebrate and honour the role of design and the skills of designers’, the Design 100 Awards for Healthcare acknowledge mobile products that make health information and medical services easily accessible to all.

As such, the award recognises both the creative excellence of the A&A design team and the important work that KCH has done to make healthcare more patient-friendly.

Designed for the Rheumatology Department of KCH, the iOS app acts as a digital hub through which patients can find all the information they might need relating to their consultants, their diagnosis, and everything in between. Patients are equipped with a detailed internal map of the hospital, an appointment booking feature and access to information about past and future appointments allowing them to track their treatment over time.

‘Our main aim in commissioning this app was to provide our chronic patients with more visibility and control throughout what is often a lengthy and complicated treatment’ says Dr James Galloway, Honorary Consultant with the Rheumatology Department at KCH. ‘Patient uptake has so far been really positive and we hope that the feedback we are now collecting will allow us to add a host of other useful features to the next version of the app. Other departments in the NHS dealing with similar conditions might want to consider investing in a similar project for their own patients’ concluded Dr. Galloway.

‘It was a pleasure working with James and his colleagues at KCH to craft an application that works so well to advance patient outcomes. We look forward to taking the app forward in the future’ said Nader Alaghband, CEO of A+A.

The A+A submission was rated online by mobile experts across the globe.

The winners of the Design 100 Awards were officially announced on May 12 and the awards will be presented on June 21, 2016 at London Tech Week.


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