Average driver will jump 87 red lights and get lost 371 times in their life (and have 680 kisses in the car)

The average British driver will get stuck in traffic 10,000 times, according to a report
The average British driver will get stuck in traffic 10,000 times, according to a report

The average motorist will jump 87 red lights, drive 269,296 miles and get lost 371 times during their lifetime on Britain’s roads, researchers have found.

He – or she – will also fill-up with petrol 2,214 times and get stuck in traffic nearly ten thousand times, according to the report.

Additionally, the researchers revealed the typical driver will spend 99 days stuck on gridlocked roads, make 1,992 phone calls and check our smartphone for emails or texts over a thousand times.

The average British driver will get stuck in traffic 10,000 times, according to a report
The average British driver will get stuck in traffic 10,000 times, according to a report

The study involved 2,000 drivers’ was carried out by Skobbler, developers of the UKs leading iPhone sat nav app ‘GPS Navigation 2’.

Marcus Thielking, of Skobbler, said: “There is no excuse for behaviour such as jumping red lights, tailgating fellow motorists or cutting people up.

“Being a motorist involves a lot more than just driving and whilst we all try to be sensible drivers it would seem we are all guilty of a few misdemeanours, whether it’s speeding or using our phones illegally.

“This research shows we do spend an awfully long time in the car and many motorists will conduct a lot of their other business in their vehicle.

“Reprimanding children, applying lipstick, checking the telephone and rowing with our partner are just some of the things this research unveiled about Brits behaviour behind the wheel.

“Getting lost can often be a contributing factor to stressful arguments with fellow passengers.

“Using modern sat nav apps instead of relying on the map reading skills of others provides the best chance of staying on track and reducing those inevitable squabbles.”

The report also found whilst behind the wheel we will spend 384 days listening to the radio and 337 days playing our own music which means on average we will sing 4104 times in the car.

The typical adult will also share 680 kisses in the car and will have sex four times from the age of 17.

The average adult will also have a whopping 2,974 rows with a partner whilst they are behind the wheel.

The kids will be told off 5,520 times and we will suffer from two flat tyres, breakdown twice and tot up a total of 51 speeding tickets in addition to 62 parking tickets.

The stresses of life will get to us too behind the wheel with the average driver breaking down in tears 76 times whilst in their car.

Other extra-curricular activities include eating in the car (897 times) and applying make-up (319 times).

Car maintenance such as checking oil and tyre pressure will take place 233 times and we will top up with screen wash 185 times in our driving life time.

Marcus Thielking added: “Modern cars need far less maintenance nowadays and in the future we won’t spend weekends tinkering under the bonnet.

“Likewise there is sophisticated technology which improves the whole driving experience whether it’s the audio equipment we use to listen to our music or the navigational solutions we use.”



Number of cars owned                                                 18 cars
Miles driven                                                                  269,296 miles
Visit garage to buy fuel                                                2,214 times
Stuck in traffic                                                              9,594 times / 99 days
Took / made a phone call                                             1992 times
Check phone for texts etc                                            1011 times
Listens to the radio                                                       384 days
Listens to music                                                            337 days
Near misses                                                                   3
Minor accidents                                                             1
Broken down                                                                 2
Flat tyre                                                                         2
Visits to garage for repairs                                           34
Filled car up with screen wash                                    185 times
Replaced car accessories
(windscreen wipers, oil, light bulbs etc)                        39 times
Basic car maintenance
(check oil, water, tyre pressure etc)                             233 times
Flirted with other motorists                                          55 times
Kissed a partner or date                                              680 times
Had sex                                                                        4 times
Eaten in the car                                                           897 times
Slept in the car                                                            38 times
Sang in the car                                                            4104 times                                       

Broken the speed limit                                                19,379 times
Driven on the motorway                                               6760 times
Shouted at the kids                                                     5520 times
Argued with a partner                                                  2974 times
Cried in the car                                                            76 times
Applied make up / brushed hair                                   319 times
Used Sat Nav                                                              4797 times
Got lost in the car                                                        371 times
Jumped a red light                                                       87 times
Hooted a cyclist                                                           62 times
Tailgated a slow driver                                                138 times
Been tailgated                                                            362 times
Number of speeding tickets                                        51
Number of parking tickets                                           62
Sworn at fellow motorists                                            323 times
Cut someone up                                                          95 times
Parked on a kerb                                                         226


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