Attention B&Q Suppliers!


b&qYou can now meet the B&Q Easier Programme with:

B&Q are currently rolling out a major change to the way they interact with their suppliers.

All suppliers are now required to meet the new criteria, which changes the way orders are processed.

Possibly the most significant change is that suppliers are now required to create Handling Unit Labels and Paper Manifests, normally outside the scope of a traditional EDI system.

Web EDI has today become the first EDI provider to meet the B&Q Easier Programme.

“We are delighted to announce that we have now launched a website that allows suppliers to meet the B&Q Easier Programme.”, Graeme Howard, Web EDI.

Suppliers now have a very simple and low cost solution that meets all of B&Q’s Easier Programme.

Web EDI streamlines the full end-to-end process; Orders » ASNs » HU Labels » Manifests » Invoices

The system also supports EDI with your other customers, such as Homebase, Wilkinsons and many more.

Packages include an EDI mailbox, technical support, and integration with back office systems.

“Web EDI offer a very comprehensive solution of the B&Q Easier Programme and your own in-house software. They offer an end-to-end solution that fulfils all of the EDI criteria set out by B&Q’s vendor change briefing”, Julie C, Current B&Q Supplier.

Visit: and click ‘Try Web EDI for Free’, to be taken through a 2 minute tour.

It takes less than a couple of minutes, to completely understand how to comply with the B&Q Easier Programme.

Speak to a specialist free on 0800 0920 856.


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