‘Arse Bandits’ dating website set up for straight people seeking “backdoor action”


Don’t beat around the bush… Finding love online got a hole lot more fun yesterday with the launch of the UK’s first dating website – for anal sex fans.

The controversially-named ArseBandits.com caters for straight Brits with a penchant for ”backdoor action”.

It specifically excludes gay people and anyone without a ”genuine passion” for regular bum fun.

Members are matched on their willingness to ”engage in anal desires”, as well as on the usual criteria of looks, personality and joint interests.

The site, which is free to join, already has more than 3,000 members with 1,000 applications within the first 12 hours of its launch.

Among them are self-confessed ”arse obsessed” Anthony Wirrel, a 35-year-old mechanic from Manchester, and mum-of-four ”Anal Angie”.

A spokesman for the agency said: ”Arse Bandits is the first site specifically for lovers of backdoor action.

”It’s been designed to help singles looking for love – and a spot of anal shagging – find their ideal partner.”

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