Are You Looking For A Real Adventure?


If you’re planning a trip and you want to do something special this year, then have you thought about an adventure style holiday? You don’t have to re-enact scenes from Indiana Jones, but there is a world of exciting adventures out there waiting for you to discover.

It can be easy to fall into the routine of booking the same holiday destinations because it keeps the whole family happy and you don’t know where else you fancy going. But by limiting yourself to these repeat experiences, you will never get your chance to see that there is a great big world out there filled with beauty and opportunity to have the adventures of a lifetime.

Your own level of adventurism will determine just what kind of adventure holiday would appeal to you but to give you some ideas, here are a few of the most fantastic experiences that the world has got to offer:

Costa Rica – This idyllic part of the world is a short flight from the mainland of the US and offers a taste of complete paradise. You can trek through cloud forests and see exotic wildlife, or relax on one of the stunning beaches. There are many great trails through the Costa Rican rainforests that explore the best parts of this great destination.

Bryce Canyon – Not far from the more famous Grand Canyon lies Bryce Canyon, National Park. While many people head to the Grand Canyon, some people would argue that Bryce Canyon is more beautiful and offers better views and more interesting trails and activities. If you are partial to water sports, there are a number of companies that will take you on white water rafting trips or kayaking, and you can also try horseback riding in Bryce Canyon. Or you can make your trip by hiking along one of the many trails around the national park.

The Inca Trail – The Inca Trail in Peru is a prime spot for archaeologists and adventurers who like to discover the history within the natural surroundings. The 26-mile trail is particularly unique because it takes you through such varied terrain and scenery. You will be in the mountains, walking through rainforests and the ruins of the old city.

The French Alps – The Alps are the setting for many an adventure and they cover a fascinating eight different countries! If you like skiing or snowboarding, cable cars or mountain biking, the French Alps has a wealth of adventurous experiences on offer. Mont Blanc is the most iconic of all the mountains, so if you are going to experience any of them, it should be Mont Blanc.

There are so many amazing places to visit in the world, and you will never forget trips like these. These are the places where memories are made and have a special place in your heart forever. Get out of that habit of the same package holiday, to the same hotel, at the same time of year and get your adventures started!


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