Are luxury cars safe?

Luxury cars have a number of features to increase safety
Luxury cars have a number of features to increase safety

Luxury vehicles offer a high standard of comfort, innovation, power and safety that sets them apart from the competition. Luxury car safety specialists Armoured Shielding have found that innovative car safety features are fast becoming a priority for drivers when it comes to purchasing a high-end vehicle.

Along with performance and efficiency, vehicle safety is now high on the list of requirements for prospective buyers. In response to this demand, luxury car manufacturers are steadily introducing new examples of vehicle safety technology to give drivers the greatest possible levels of safety for their every journey.

Parking Sensors and Blind Zone Alerts

When reversing, you can’t always see your surroundings with absolute clarity and this can put you in potentially dangerous situations. Fortunately, parking sensors can now be found in most premium vehicles. These features have the ability to alert you to any potential hazards, such as pedestrians, vehicles and a range of other obstructions.

Luxury cars have a number of features to increase safety
Luxury cars have a number of features to increase safety

Similarly, one of the most common threats to drivers’ safety is being surprised by a vehicle that’s hidden in the blind spot when changing lanes. To combat this, some luxury car models use a Side Blind Zone Alert that relies on a radar to make you aware of the presence  of vehicles in this blind spot.

Traction Control Systems

When driving on different surfaces you run the risk of your vehicle losing grip on the road. In recent years, extremely sophisticated traction and vehicle control systems have been developed to give you greater car control. This safety feature works thanks to the vehicle’s computer system, which continuously monitors how much grip your tyres have. If it notices that grip is being lost, the traction control kicks in by transferring power to the wheel with the most grip.

Automatic Braking

Automatic braking is a recently developed car safety feature that is being installed in many luxury vehicles. An innovative piece of technology, it uses built in cameras or radars mounted on the front of the vehicle to identify upcoming obstacles. It alerts the driver, giving them an opportunity to apply the brakes; if the brakes aren’t applied, the control system will automatically bring the vehicle to a stop as quickly as required.

Lane Departure Warning System

Lane departure warning systems are becoming one of the more common safety tools adopted by luxury car models. Using onboard cameras, these systems give you a visual and audible alert if they sense you are moving from your lane without using your indicators. The system constantly monitors lane markings on the road.

It’s important to remember that luxury cars manufacturers are often the first to introduce new safety technology. Such vehicles typically offer more safety features than standard models, and they’re usually the first to include these features as standard. So if safety is your priority, luxury vehicles may be a good option.


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