Alternative Lifestyles: Is Playing Online Poker a Sustainable Way to Make a Living?


The modern technology allows us to customize the way we choose to live our lives. Nowadays, there are many ways of making a living, none of which necessarily involves spending time in a tiny cubicle and being trapped in a 9-5 rat race if you don’t want to – given that you have the proper knowledge, that is. From publishing ebooks, and all the way to tutoring others online and developing apps, the internet economy just wouldn’t be as diverse as it is without adding online poker to the mix.

So what challenges does it introduce, and can you make a full-time living playing it?

You can get the upper hand by playing against weaker players

Unlike what’s true for regular casino games, playing online poker against opponents of flesh and blood allows you to attain an edge if you’re the better player. In contrast, you’d often have to take advantage of welcome bonuses by taking a look at UK’s top online casinos analyzed just to surpass the house edge associated with regular casino games. On the flipside, online casino games are a great introduction to the world of online gambling and they often allow you to achieve great results simply by following a tried and proven system. Become too predictable in online poker, however, and the opposition will quickly be able to pick up on your playing patterns and crush you with no mercy.

A tremendous amount of self-restraint is needed to overcome variance

Let’s face it; without having the proper mental fortitude, you’re going to go on tilt. Even if you play your cards right on every single occasion, variance can take its toll on you and cause you to lose more games than is the norm… at least in the short run. The best players know that the larger the sample size, the less effect variance has on the results, so they can confidently play their best game with a positive mindset. Still, other factors like tiredness can affect how quickly a player might go on tilt, so taking regular breaks is recommended when playing.

Bankroll management is key

Apart from keeping your head on your shoulders when things don’t go your way, there’s another strategy you can utilize; it’s called bankroll management. For example, if you’re a Texas Hold’em sit ‘n’ go player, you’ve likely heard about the concept of having at least 30 buy-ins available. In other words, if the average tournament you participate in has an entry fee of $10, you should have at least $300 in your poker account. That’s the liberal measure, mind you – the conservative players have been known to go with 50 buy-ins or more just to be on the safe side and reduce the effects of variance.

So, what’s the final verdict?

With the right set of skills (it can all be learned and put into practice), iron discipline, and a bit of luck, you, too, can become a professional online poker player. In most cases, it comes down to how much you’re willing to put into the game to get better. It’s about reading books and strategy guides, watching other people’s replays to learn how they would handle a particular situation, and staying consistent. Bear in mind, though; the life of a poker pro is not all sunshine and roses, at least not all the time. There will be good days and there will be bad days. The main question is, does the game excite you enough to stick in there until you reach the next level?


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