Agoraphobic singer becomes YouTube sensation


An agoraphobic singer has become a YouTube star after attracting more than two million hits – despite not leaving her house for TWO YEARS.

Agoraphobic singer becomes YouTube sensation

Talented Jemma Pixie Hixon, 20, has become a global superstar after belting out cover versions of pop songs from her bedroom.

The stunning brunette has attracted a whopping 2,343,708 hits and is a household name in China and the Far East.

Last month she was even named the ”most viewed” video in the whole of China.

Astonishingly, despite her popularity Jemma has not been able to leave her home in Malvern, Worcs., for the last two years after being struck down with agoraphobia.

She said: ”For the last two years I’ve been struggling with agoraphobia.

”I used to perform all the time and I really wanted a way I could continue.

”I decided to put my songs up on YouTube so I could share them with lots of people, even though I’m still housebound.”

Jemma has uploaded dozens of her songs she sang before she became housebound as well as scores more of her performing in her bedroom.

She and seven other internet singers have collaborated to produce a single to raise cash for the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.

Jemma said: ”I have many supporters in Japan, some of which were affected by the earthquake and I was so deeply saddened to wake up to the tragic news.

”I have friends who still haven’t heard from their families over in Japan yet.

”To see so many female artists from YouTube pull together for this single is really quite special.

”We all love music and if we can help even in the slightest by making this song, it would be truly amazing.”

Jemma, who lives in the same town as X Factor star Cher Lloyd, said she hopes her internet fame will make it easier for her to conquer her fears.

She said: ”In a way I think being online prepares me for the outside.

”You get a lot of negative comments as well as nice comments.

”If I was able to get better – and I know it can happen – I would want to sing because all I have ever wanted to do is to be a recording artist.”



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